The Wistful Lady of Purgatory

The sinking feeling of a heart oscillating from side to side A shattering discord, a cracking heart, teary eyed Each piece a different note, chiming in a pensive sound the blood curdling howls of the hell hound To continue reading. click here

Mirror on the Wall

Smoke and mirrors Hold up a mirror to society A faint smile. Smoke screen There is a sobbing behind the screen To continue reading, click here    

Run Little Red Riding Hood! Run!

I have been thinking about the story of Little Red Riding Hood and it looks like I am edging towards dismembering a couple of folktales. Cinderella , Snow white , Rapunzel and all the other fantasy sadism. All the parabolic nuance is awesome, hey I have read outlandish theories and I must say even I was rattled. (It takes a lot to do…

Hades Breath

I could hear the twigs breaking behind me I fell face flat in the damp heath Scurried clumsily on my feet with fright I felt the ventricles pump blood into the atrium To continue reading, click here

Poor Customer Service Equals to Lunacy

This is a very important blog, you are welcome. Now lets talk about poor customer service that is unbelievably rampant in this country. The heart beat of any organisation is the quality of service that is offered to clients or customer. I have no recollection of a place that I actually received stellar customer care…

Put Your Phone Down For Second

Mobile internet is the death of real human interaction  and this is why I strongly believe that we are on the brink of the zombie apocalypse. Have you ever been in a room full of people but it feels empty because everyone is a slave of the virtual world (staring at their phones completely engrossed)?…

You Do Not Act or Look Like A Married Woman. Nigga Please.

I thought hell, here we go as I open this Pandora box that makes a lot of closed minded persons uncomfortable. What I am going to do, is close the box of regression by men who project their deficiencies on women. A society led by men has shaped most of us while I would thank…