A Letter to Unfounded Love: Chapter Three

The Alex Mansion, that’s what we called it. A three-storey home nestled in thicket of trees, a rustic but contemporary home with large plate glass windows that allowed natural light to seep through and giving the house an airy ambience. It lacked character or any of the owner’s traits, just symmetrical interior with plain monochrome colors. It was cold, dead, almost like a morgue. The first time I stepped in through the large Victorian double doorway, a strange aura embraced me. I can’t exactly put a finger on it but I felt unwelcomed. What the hell was I doing with someone that I had known for 48 hours? Tawanda allocated the entire second floor to me. The décor was minimalistic with white walls, high ceilings and modern finishing. I sat on the California king size bed trying to grasp on the brittle strings of reality. Little futile attempts overshadowed by an indescribable sense of infatuation.

‘’ Excuse me, ma’am”

A small voice interrupted my thoughts. A short, stout lady stood in the hallway dressed in pinstripe formal pants and a crispy white shirt.
‘’ I am sorry to intrude into your privacy. My name is Mirirai, I will be your hand maid during your stay here. If you need anything just press that white button on your bedside wall and I will come right up” She said with a mechanical frozen smile.
Cold, that’s how everything felt, even this lady with dwarfism displayed no life. Her energy was passive.

Trying hard not to stare, I managed to nod with an equally frozen smile. It was a weird exchange. I sighed with relief as she turned on her heels and left. Mental note, never to punch the white button on the bedside wall.

We sat on a massive white marble dining table in the evening. I counted 8 maids that day, they were everywhere with the same mechanical smiles. We sat on opposite sides of the table’s length. The servers scurried to and from with different dishes of food. He chewed his food slowly while maintaining eye contact. Definitely the devil in a Gucci shirt and fine chiseled jaw. My heart did the hooptie hoop, whatever spell cast on me, I was prepared to moonwalk across the room and throw my self in his arms. He mouthed the words ‘I love you.’ Why we sat so far away from each other is a story for another day, but during those heart melting moments, all I needed was to close the distance between us. Three servers stood on the left side of the table like British Queen’s guards with white towels neatly hung on their arms. Impeding on the sexual tension between us, but Tawanda didn’t care. He strode across the table and pulled me up. I staggered into his arms and hot wet lips caressed mine ever so gently. More, I wanted more but the servers stood there with no intention to leave. I giggled in his shirt and gosh, his cologne was divine. I wanted to live inside him.


We both swiveled to the interruption and the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. sashayed into the room. She wore are blue power suit, with tight pleated pants, white shirt and jacket. Wasp waisted but with a voluptuous shapely figure and glossy caramel skin. She wore an ebony black weave that cascaded down to her waist. A pair of arched eyebrows looked down on sweeping eyelashes and she broke into a smile that lit the room. Her red high heels clicked on the marble floor; she was a dazzling sight as her hips swayed in a seductive bid. Cleavage spilled from a deep neckline, teasing with perky soft mounds that yearned to be touched. She walked straight to Tawanda and gave him a perk on a cheek without acknowledging my presence. I felt small, out of place, her energy was overpowering and dominant. An alpha aura that demanded submission.

“We are late, we need to go” She told Tawanda with firm and commanding voice. She placed her beautifully manicured fingers on his shirt, pulled it down and tucked it in, then she began to fix his tie like I was not in the room.

Plain, bald me in boyfriend jeans and a white t-shirt blinked away tears, confused and deliberating if I should walk out or stay looking like the imbecile of the century. Her expensive scent filled the room and lingered in my nostrils.

I sunk into an easy chair and noticed the servers still standing in the room. The scent of Miss Rachel still dawdled in the room, annoyed I left the room. What did I get myself into?

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