Run Little Red Riding Hood! Run!

I have been thinking about the story of Little Red Riding Hood and it looks like I am edging towards dismembering a couple of folktales. Cinderella Snow white , Rapunzel and all the other fantasy sadism. All the parabolic nuance is awesome, hey I have read outlandish theories and I must say even I was rattled. (It takes a lot to do that FYI) But some pundit from the Alps came to a halting cognizance that Little Red Hiding Hood is about female sexuality. As I spurt out this scathing coffee, the red hood is “menstrual blood” and she goes to the forest to explore her sexuality. I could have pulled any wild premise from this tale but this? This is a belfry full of loony notions. Today’s blog is not about what goes on in the head of psycho intellect from the Alps, it is about how this folktale is half baked and almost unbelievable even in its illustrative nature.

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