What Really Makes A Good Writer?

The best writer is one who knows how to relay information in the simplest form possible. You are a great writer when a ten year old can read your work and understand. I thought I was a fantastic writer well, I am an amazing writer in my own rights. Here is the thing, my writing is not as unornamented as I would like to believe. I have been told too many times that my work is not easy on the eye. It is riddled with uncommon jargon and complex vocublary.

Every single time I am shocked. Bamboozled by this view because I believe my work is straightforward and clear. So what is really simple writing when my pen work is deemed as compouned with difficult choice of words? When I sit down to write, I am not trying to show people that I am clever and well versed in the Queen’s language. I say this in the least arrogant manner, I have decent command in the language. As I casually write in my element, I am driven by the passion to intricately capture words that vividly translates my mind. Each sentence a building block to mastery. It never occurs to me that I might need to tone it down for Becky at the back because my thoughts feel easy going as I put them down in writing.

My simple ways are not as plain as I perceive. What must happen when that is all I know? So, here is the thing, sadly I am not everyone’s cuppa tea. My style does not appeal to the general public and you know what? That is okay. I will continue writing from my heart because that is where my passion beats from. I take criticism and learn from it but to change my whole writing style is robbing me from the liberty of being a writer. It’s not fair and it is throwing everything out of the window because what? Becky is peeved by the words ‘robust iteration.’

I realized simplicity is objective and if I am too complicated for you then you are not part of my target audience. My train of thoughts derailed by each word I wrote because I came here to tell you that I am sorry and I am going to turn it down a notch. Then it all became crystal clear as I typed. I am unapologetic, the only thing I am sorry for, is your distant relationship with the thesaurus. In a world that celebrates mediocrity and blindsides ingenuity, I will not veer from what I love the most. It is writing that keeps me going. The one thing that I do effortlessly without putting much thought into it.

It is not my fault neither yours if you fail to comprehend my work. We are people from different colliding paths. We don’t have to bend each other by forcing puzzle pieces that do not fit. It is one of those moments were you just simply walk away until you find your pond. If these waters are too salty for you I am sorry but nothing is changing here.

So what makes a great writer? Passion. That is all it takes. Styles differ but one thing that is the driving force is passion. In terms of simplicity, that depends on different comprehensive skills. I hope we all find each other and blossom to appreciate art as it is.

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