What Zimbabwean Women Think about Zimbabwean Men.


So, I did a rather sketchy social media survey, on Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram and WhatsApp. I asked women on their thoughts and views about Zimbabwean men. I could have used the online monkey survey tool for a specific questions and responses but whoa that would be a lot of work. So, I let these women tackle this broad question with the first thing that came to their minds.  Must say I got a lot of interesting responses.

DISCLAIMER: the data I collected from these women is not conclusive although it represents a certain demography of the female population in Zimbabwe.

The overall question was; “What do you think about our Zimbabwean men?” Gentlemen, brace yourselves and try not to get offended by some of the responses. Also, feel free to release your kraken in the comment section. Here we go!



Loving, romantic, big dick (gotta check the shoe size first), generous (except, except Plumtree and Kezi), stamina in bed and serial cheats. – Jackie


I hate to generalize. It depends on who you attract into your life. The bad things are there in men from other countries and other races, same with the good things. So, there is nothing specifically Zimbabwean trait or behavior except for language. – Cynthia


I have never known a straight forward Zim man.- Dee


Zim men are trash. – Gamu


 All I am saying is I am not going there again. I would rather be single. – Annette


My last Zimbo was when I was 23. I trained them from day one, bless their hearts, generous, loving and would do anything for me. The families were a problem. I think a lot want you to feel like you work for the family and you follow their rules. They want to become what they think is ideal to them, if they go to a certain church, you should join, culture, sober habits etc. they don’t see the joy you bring them. After 23 I have never dated within my race. – Tonya


They have good hearts, humor, very handsome and treat you like a queen, good in bed but can’t stay faithful. – Tasha


 They can be very old fashioned, especially when it comes to how they view and treat women and that’s not in a good old fashioned way. They are okay in bed but pleasing a woman is not something young Zimbabwean men are taught as there are no rights of passage activities for them in the same way there aren’t for women. Here in S.A many Zim guys don’t even want anything to do with Zim chicks and look down on us, choosing S.A women over us, because they claim unlike us they are yellow bones, they have big booties and are not sexually restrained. I therefore have given up on Zim men and I am happily dating a Zulu guy who is so freaking awesome! – Fadzayi


Men are all the same. It doesn’t matter he is from Zim or Nigeria they are all cheaters. – Eunice


Some are lazy, stingy, strong rural background. Not experimental. But some tjooooooo experimental of note. Threesomes, foursomes, anal, fisting tjooooooo. Most are uneducated on satisfying a woman and won’t give a lady oral sex.

25-30 wanna be kept (sugar mummies etc.)

30-35 bitches

35-45 alcoholics

45-50 okay but boring in bed. – Bianca


I am super happy with my Zimbo man. Yes, I have had bad experiences but I am with the one who ticks all my boxes. Someone mentioned how Zim men in S.A look down upon Zim women, well right on this survey we are doing the same. The grass is always greener next door and from talking to friends I find that people like to please and do things they would not do with their Zimbo people. Could be a cultural thing e.g. a Zim woman is willing to do anal with a man from a different country but from a Zim man its taboo, like he would be called all kind of names. Same applies to our men, they will do all sorts with ladies from other countries but hey bring it to Zim chicks my goodness, all kind of abuse will be hailed on her. – Caroline

They can be special… and not in a good way. But I haven’t been with all Zim men… but I can honestly say never again! But that’s just me. – Ingrid


I believe its relative to what one has experienced. One may date one exceptional or unexceptional Zim, white etc. doesn’t mean all are great or not since we are dealing with a human who fails and also does right sometimes. Yesterday this South African said, at least Zim men cheat but really marry, look at us, half the maternity ward has fatherless children. That’s her experience where she wants that cheat but be married. So, it depends on your major. Remember these men are cultured differently in their homes as well. Let’s bring up good men so our daughters get good men. And in conclusion, having dated cross racial & tribal, men are how they are brought up & they have similarities. And I think Zimbabwe is one culture that intermarries more than most, hence I believe there is something they are doing right. – Rudo


I think it differs per person, can’t really paint them all bad. Been thoroughly loved but played by one. Then married a stingy one who also was loving. There is a married one now who feels I just have to taste him and he loves spending on me. – Thembie


Fantastic men. – Vee


Unromantic, serial cheaters, sly, they don’t have relationship etiquette. – Nor


My Ndebele brothers don’t do it for me! Lies, stingy and so old fashioned. Shona guys do it for me nje. – Langelihle


I love my Zimbabwean men but they are a bit lazy. – Savie


I can say they are like any other men, depends on the person you meet. I have dated Zim men only my entire life. I prefer them because they are the ones I understand better. – Alice


They want to be called “daddy” and they are lazy. – Hope


Zim men are good men, the only problem is staying faithful to one woman its just not in their nature, that’s it. – Buhlelee

Men are men whichever country, region or tribe they have different traits. I am sure we wouldn’t like our Zim men to criticize us. We will very much be so defensive, if I criticize my Zim brother I might as well criticize my father, brother or my son. – Nozipho


I am not dating a Zim man but all I know is they are users. I know couple ladies married and their husbands are after getting their citizenship through their wives. Decided they now want to live in Zim and come to UK when they please. These women are paying bills for UK and Zim, working shifts day and night. While the husbands are roaming all over Africa. – Prisca


All I have to say is they need divine intervention because their relationship goals/etiquette/ commitment/romance (I could go on and on) are all below sea level. But then again that’s me and my experiences, so I ain’t venturing down that route again. – Thoe


Dressing is bad. – Patty


They think cheating is not grounds for divorce! – Josephine


I wouldn’t want to stereotype but I think whatever bad habits or behavior they have all goes back to their upbringing. Most of them are old fashioned and refuse to accept change. – Pat


 Dated one, handsome, caring, good sense of humor, intelligent, can be generous at times, and the like alcohol. Can be romantic but don’t like to be seen as weak, so from time to time, they will remind you who is in charge and what is expected from you as a woman so you don’t bruise their little egos. The other side ain’t pretty, if they make a decision, then its final. No returning, lol… – Natasha


I am married to a Ndebele man and I am South African, honestly I am blessed in all areas, fantastic husband, father, best friend and partner, very honest person. I thank God. – Zanele


Zimbabwe is a no for me, from lying, being broke, not wanting to take responsibilities, call me Daddy this and that. Stingy with sex and don’t want to eat pussy. I am happy where I am. Spoilt like a queen. If a Zim man spoils you, even your dead ancestors will know. Lol… – Rose


They have their issues but I will take a Zim man over a Nigerian any day! – Khanyi


 Generally speaking Zim guys of today have drifted from being ambitious and providers like their fathers were, but when it comes to love, they respect women. As for me, he was sent from above, loving, handsome, hardworking… I can’t complain. – Kundai


I will not trade my Zim man for anything. – Loraine


Have seen many responses about Zim men being compared to other nationalities e.g. Nigerians and Caucasians. I am guessing these are many from those in diaspora, SA, UK, Canada, USA etc. I guess if most people are in their native land they wouldn’t have anything to compare to but are content with what they have (Zim men) I live in the diaspora and came here when I was 21. I did not have a lot of experimenting around or rather be in a position where a Zim man treated me like rubbish for me to try outside my nationality. I am personally happy with my Zim gentlemen. Sorry to those who have bad experiences with them. Was chatting with a Caucasian friend at work & she was asking if I can hook her up with Zim men as she is tired and fed up of her race. So, I guess we never know how the grass is on the other side of the pasture until you experience it for yourself. Painting nationalities with one brush is wrong for me, one individual who wrongs you does not counter all men. I vouch for my man who is Zim. – Lebza


 Chauvinistic pigs if you ask me! To them getting married = free maid for life. – Rasheeda.


My man is just fine in all aspects. – Lulu


Crap men, they don’t deserve a woman, I think they all should be gay and marry each other. There I have said it. I rest my case. – Shaleen


The moment I met an amazing man, dementia set in and I forgot all about the village champions I have encountered. – Belle


They suck ass. There are a few good ones but they are so rare that they end up being with so many women at the same time. So, they become bad. Which bings us back to… they suck ass. – Dazed


I dodged the bullet. – Becky


Liars, cheaters, manipulating and controlling. Some are amazing in bed and some want to be called daddy when tickling your coochie. Tickling not fucking. – Loraine


Well, where do I start? Zimbabwean men in the diaspora have no manners. They left the pride at the point of entry. They are dicks, liars, good for nothing, abusive, thieves, unambitious, zeros, place holders etc. – Wendy


Generous, hardworking, committed, romantic, they aim to please, considerate, sensitive, the list is endless. Zim men are the best. – Thembie Khumalo


Let’s talk about dressing. Bomber jackets ambassadors. – Rasheeda


I am happily married to a Zim man, best husband and my bff, respects, spoils me, we do house work together and he loves to cook for the family. He is truly a blessing and I wouldn’t trade him for any other man. – Busie


For years, I dated Shona men and foreign men, total waste of time, you never fully understand them. Now I am dating a guy in my own tribe and I am loving it. Wish I hadn’t kissed all them foreign frogs. Nothing amazing here. – Cynthia


The Zimbabwean men I know, the majority are very driven and hard working. Inspiring me to want to achieve my own goals. However, some can be quite misogynistic and controlling, trying to control how I dress etc. and treating me like they own me (which can be cute sometimes…lol I am playing) I have had a few attempts of men trying to make me feel smaller or insecure. I guess they are all different but they are people, damn. My father, brothers and grandfathers are all Zimbabwean, so how can I hate them? I will only be with a Zimbabwean man. – Chengetai Victoria



























































































9 Replies to “What Zimbabwean Women Think about Zimbabwean Men.”

  1. Love this post! Very well written and you got some points and I laughed when I´ve got to the “bomber jackets part”!
    I have just set up a blog and people like you inspire me a lot! Big thanks 🙂 If you will have some time, you can check it out and let me know your thoughts. I would be very thankful.🙂

    xoxo, Marie


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  2. Well… from a guy’s perspective and a comment in general, (as enshrined by the constitution on Freedom of expression (but not after expression), what chapter is it again 🤣), I think we all attract who we are. Class attracts class, so does …
    Problem comes when those who think they belong to a certain class only to attract their rightful class. Those are the philosophers we see everywhere 🙈

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  3. I would be interested to see the results of a similar survey conducted here in the United Kingdom. The truth of the matter is that there is good and bad in every nationality, race and gender. We should judge people as individuals not according to characteristics such as ethnicity etc. Kevin

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  4. South African in love with a Zimbabwean man.I’ve interacted with other Zimbabwean guys as friends and they are all different.I’ve met the ones that view South African women as trophies.I’ve met super traditional/old fashioned ones and I’ve met modern ones.The women they love,love them and they are happy. My man is the best really,he is not like any other,he is his own person and YES they never want to appear ‘weak’ but his love is felt by me everyday.I never in a million years thought I’d be in love with a Zimbabwean man only to find that I’ve met the love of my life.

    Judge a person based on who they are and not on their ethnicity.


  5. What zimbabwean men think about zimbabwean women. Can we please get both sides of this argument. I’m glad to be part of the 0.01% of not trash Zimbabwean men. I also noticed a lot of confusion on the difference between nationality and race. We can have White or Black Zimbabweans but seem like white Zimbabweans aren’t considered as trashy as Black Zimbabweans. Am I reaching here or nah.?

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    1. True that, the is a confusion between race and nationality and a lot women seem to prefer the white zimbos. Thank you for reading and I am taking you up and collect data for what zim men think about zim women! This should be interesting. Good looking out!


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