2022 Don’t let the Door Hit Your Ass On Your Way Out!

I am not dead if that’s what you were thinking. I know the entire year of 2022 I did not publish a single article. It could have been a hiatus of sorts but the truth is, this year has been pretty wild. Moving countries from Zambia to Zimbabwe, to Ethiopia, to Kenya then finally settling in England, not to mention I was in South Africa last week. Your girl has been on the move and exhausted.

I love to give my readers ( well the few of you left) an explanation of my absence, but let’s cut this short and say I have been trying to find footing for the next chapter of my life. This chapter is titled “My turn” and I am unapologetic about it. Yes while I spent the year jumping countries in a race to find stability, harsh leassons were learned. I neglected myself while extending to others. It hit me, why do I bend backwards for human beings that are unappreciative? I am out here going an extra limb for what exactly? To empty yourself and remain a shell as everyone around you goes on about their lives with zero fucks to give. It’s a difficult way to learn that no-one owes you a single thing despite how much you make sacrifices for them. Nothing, they don’t owe you anything and with this epiphany I have decided to be selfish and put myself first above everything.

Don’t let the world change who you are and never stop doing good they say. Bullshit. I will not be anyone’s door mat or outlet of despair. I will not be the bigger person, if you go low, baby meet me in the dungeons of hell. Matching energy is the quota of the day. You get what you give, I don’t care who you are. This year we are done with forced and awkward relationships. Mixed signals will be met with peak nonchalance. It’s either we are cool or not, no gray areas. If you love me, I will love you harder and and I got your back till the end of the world. It’s not rocket science, dine with the ones that ride for you and keep the hyenas out of the fence. 2022 taught me to protect my energy, watch the company that lingers around and above all to choose myself. I matter, I am valid, I am important and I deserve nothing but the best.

It always unfolds into rant, I can’t help it. It was etched on the hem of my sub conscious for a minute, and I truly tried to give human beings multiple chances. I am not perfect but it’s not a leeyway to allow people in my space and drain this beautiful aura. 2022 you have have been great I must say. Besides the disharmony of centeredness I would like to say I have found my peace. The mental gymnastics of pleasing people has come to an end. It is time for me. Time to do what’s best for Makaita. Time to put my happiness first. I have laughed, cried and loved. This is what makes every breath worth a while. Tis the year of new beginnings, new country, new prospects and huge possibilities. The future looks pretty good from here and I can’t wait to live my dreams, accomplish and journey with the right team.

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