A Letter to Unfounded Love : Chapter 4

A nagging thought haunted me that night. I shouldn’t be here. Why am I here? The recent sequence of events made no sense. The compelling aura that drew me to Tawanda, that overpowering illogical thought process that evaded natural intuition and critical thinking. I failed to get over Miss. Rachel’s alpha personality and sexual innuendos. The moment she walked in the room, I felt inferior, small, irrelevant and like an intruder to an intimate moment, but my heart beat in a different rhythm, a rendition of inexplicable love and commitment. This is why I stayed and waited for him to come back to me.

He didn’t come home that night. I laid on the enormous bed staring at the night sky through the Velux windows in the ceiling. The spider silk sheets caressed my body with a luxurious and tantalizing sensation on the skin. The lavish lifestyle to a girl yanked from mediocrity is easily impressionable, but I remotely cared for any of it except coddling feelings of anxiety. Where is Tawanda? Tormented by thoughts of him engaging in carnal clemency with his assistant. I decided to take a tour of the mansion at 03:15hrs. The marble floors were surprisingly warm, heated floors. The dimly lit hallway gave an ethereal appearance.

“You shouldn’t be wandering about at night ma’am.”

I almost jumped out of my skin at the small voice that came from a chair. Did a wing-back chair just talk to me? I stood still in the semi darkness, too scared to move. She emerged from behind the chair, of course she was well hidden considering her size. I noticed a slight limp as she walked towards me. There was something odd about Mirirai. Not the dwarfism but the icy glare and a permanent scowl oh her face. Intimidating.

“You should rest ma’am; tomorrow is a busy day” She added with what looked like a grotesque attempt to smile.

“What are you doing? Hiding in the dark at such ungodly hours?

“I am here at your service. In case you might need something ma’am” She whispered.

Clearly, she was unhinged. Did Tawanda set her up for this? Keep me prisoner in my room and deployed a guard to watch me?

“Don’t worry about that, you can go and rest Mirirai?’’ I said dismissively. The last thing I wanted is her to lurk in the shadows like a prowler. I felt uncomfortable and managed.

“Oh, that will get me fired”

Her complexion was a greyish hue in the poorly lit hallway, “Very well, I am taking a tour in the house, I have hard time sleeping in new places.”

It was bizarre that a handmaid was assigned to wait on me 24/7. When did she get to sleep? Were they 7 dwarfs that rotated shifts? Frankly, from Saturday everything was an interminable dream. I was no longer in control and suddenly Tawanda is in charge of every aspect of my life. It was a stare down in the hallway as Mirirai refused to budge.

“I will be following you closely, just pretend I am not there.” Her adamancy low key annoying.

“Never mind, I will go back to bed”

“Very well, I will be here” She said with a hint of sarcasm. I went back to my room and threw myself on the bed. I was prisoner and Mirirai was the jail guard.

His cologne announced his presence. It was 11 am when he waltzed in the dining room with a grin and a bouquet of calla lilies. His energy lit up the room. I forgot about the little frustrations that were etching in my mind. He took me in a warm wholesome embrace. Tawanda, the center of my gravity that tilted my world into a chaotic cesspool of unfounded love

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