A Letter to Unfounded Love: Chapter Two

Winter ABC 2021: Day 22

In astrological mythology the stars were aligning. Soul mates gravitate towards each other, defying all odd against their fate. I walked to your car, blood rushing to my cheeks unable to contain the euphoria of emotions budding inside me. You jumped out of the car and opened your arms for a hug. I fit perfectly in your arms. My heart found a home.

“How did you find me.” I peered at your face

“I followed your cab last night. I had to make sure that you got home safely.”

We stood there in comfortable silence clinging onto you while you held me tightly. It didn’t make sense but it felt right. I didn’t know much about you but I was prepared to risk it all for this intriguing stranger. That day was the beginning of a wild rollercoaster ride. There was something dark and fascinating about you Tawanda, as we sped off in the Evoke. You took me for breakfast at Tiffany’s and it was obvious that you came from money because you oozed wealth. A 26-year-old struggling bookstore clerk would be excited, but I didn’t care about your affluent background. It was my stomach that did somersaults each time our eyes met. Your smile that generated electrical pulses in my heart. I was gone. I learned that you were the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Mines. A 46-year-old Casanova still pursuing bachelordom, never been married and never had kids. The love for you fogged my mind from this apparent red flag that was flapping right in my face.

I came from a middle-class family, lost my mother when I was 7 years to cervical cancer and raised by Cruella Deville my step mother from hell. Being the only child between my parents had one major disadvantage. I was alone. My father passed away in my final year of university, things took a different turn and my step mother kicked me out of the house. Something she had been dying to do for a while. 3 years later, working as a bookstore clerk and sharing an apartment with a college friend, I met you Tawanda.  We talked at length in a desperate bid to know about each other. Your brother Tapiwa was a habitual pick pocketer so we figured he was the culprit for the missing phone. He pickpocketed for spot, driven by the adrenalin and excitement of possibility getting caught. Diagnosed with a rare mental disorder known as Kleptomania.

We laughed, held hands, gazed at each other without barely touching our food. Every moment with you was magical.

“Come and stay with me.” You said without batting an eyelid.

I was caught off-guard but a dizzy decision was underway. I sat there contemplating. This is a man that I met in the club less than 24 hours ago. Indisputably smitten over him and seeing myself walking down the aisle. Of all the dastardly logic that day the bar was rock bottom. Love can be a curse or a blessing and, in this instance, I chose the fiery road to hell. Everything on that day was a whirlwind, rushed, destructive and unpredictable. I agreed.

It must have been some sort of spell because the veil between reason and absurdity proved to be flimsy. I was moving in with you Tawanda! We agreed to collect my clothes and head to Alexandra park. Not a single alarm bell rang, a possibility that you may perhaps be a human and sex trafficking entanglement? Maybe a serial killer or a rapist?  Linda my roommate stood on the doorway with her jaw on the floor as I packed my clothes excitedly.

“You have absolutely lost your mind!” She cried.

She tried to reason and convince me to take a week and think about it, but all her pleas fell on deaf ears. No amount of rationale could undo the thought process of a hazy and love sedated mind. These minuscule details are important. This record will be the most valuable piece of evidence in the greater schemes of things. Meeting you was a mistake but I will be your downfall.

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