A Letter to Unfounded Love: Chapter One

Winter ABC 2021 : Day 21

Tawanda, Tawanda phew boy if there is anything in this world that should have never been born? It is, you. Your existence is a disfavor to humanity. The love that still burns inside my heart is a poison without an antidote. There is senseless fire that burns my soul every waking hour. I am in hell Tawanda, this obsession I have for you is consuming my entire being.

I remember the first day that we met, an unyielding power drew me to you in hypnotic fashion. The magical moment when we locked eyes from across the dance floor at Icon club. Those days I was a puppy licking the wounds from a devasting heartbreak. I lost my first lover, the man who deflowered and popped the cherry. Of course, he was another homogenous animal who skinned the fish and dropped me like a bag of hot potatoes. That night when you walked towards me while maintaining eye contact flipped my world upside down. I stood there stupefied by a strange allurement that weakened the knees. It is what they call love at first sight. The philosophy of love at first sight is rigamaroo sociopathy. It is unsubstantiated, illogical and dangerous. This flies on a pile of poop ideology snuck up me on the least expected day. I knew that I loved you deeply before knowing your name. I loved you as you walked towards me, I loved you with every fiber of my being before realizing that you were shorter than me and I loved you even after noticing that you didn’t fit the criteria of my “type.”  

You held my hand and pulled me to the quieter section of the club. I followed meekly without protest. How could I resist the urges of an astronomical match to one who was meant for my soul? I leaned on the wall and gazed at your face, the only thing that mattered was the rhythm of two hearts beating in synch of each other. We spent the rest of the night cozied up in that dark corner just talking like old friends. This marked the beginning of my life going to shit. Your brother found us and you introduced me to the sly and slithering snake, Tapiwa. I didn’t notice his sticky fingers slowly pulling my phone from the back pocket of my denim shorts. How was I going to notice anything around me when all I thought was living inside your skin? I wish someone tapped my shoulder that night and told me that I was about to make the biggest mistake of my life.

On my way back home in the cab, I realized my phone and wallet were missing. Tapiwa. I wanted to cry not because I lost the money that was going to pull me through that week, but because I lost the only point of contact with you Tawanda. How was I going to find the love of my life? The only thing I knew is that you stayed in Alexandra park, heck I did not even get your last name. The Devil doesn’t tire because the following morning, a red Range Rover Evoke was parked by my gate. You sat in there with a crafty smile plastered on your face. My heart dropped into my stomach. How did you find me?

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