5 Hacks to Survive in Zimbabwe

It has come to radical measures of survival in this bucolic little teapot shaped country. Seeing that our country has become a desolate three-ring circus of stiff living conditions due to political and economical instability doubled with decades of pillaging. Life is edging towards abject pauperism. Being a Zimbabwean is like surviving in the Gaza... Continue Reading →

Related but not Family

I have been thinking about this a lot. Family falls in a socio-bracket of people who contribute to your mental, physical and emotional wellness. Does this mean that everyone who is related to you is really family? I don’t think so; relatives are a kindred people of genealogy that you are born in to.Friends can... Continue Reading →


The past two months I pondered over turning this blog in to a monumental site. Impractical seeing the sequence of events demanded to be documented. Somewhere in the unknown a portal cracked open and something dark slipped out. A malignant spirit with an insatiable appetite for death. Let’s begin with a global pandemic that wiped... Continue Reading →

Free the Rectum

Plugged in like a cork in the neck of a champagne bottle Please ease the bowels full throttle Rip it up, farts are the screams of trapped poo Churn the contents of the rectum into goo A slight tear, rectal bleeding  Anal sphincters squeeze tight, wear you like a ring An oath to a laxative... Continue Reading →

I Woke Up Like This

Streaks of sun rays escape through the window shutters creating a dreamlike deep blue sea feel in my bedroom. Stuck in an indeterminate state its 3 in the afternoon and I just woke up. In a changeless loop, a limbo and if truth be told, I am in an interminable déjà vu. What day is... Continue Reading →

Power of the Mind

In a world laden with a plethora of disciplines to tame the human mind, humanity continues to crave for freedom. Freedom of individualism, growth, a faculty of intelligence that overcomes fear and satisfaction of existence. The human mind is a powerful and ingenious deity. The knowledge that it can acquire far exceeds any other living... Continue Reading →

Hey Girlfriend

I have been thinking about you lately, it seems like the smile that used to light up your beautiful face is gone. I am a little worried, you have faded into obscurity and that little fire inside you has dwindled. I saw them bashing you the other day, throwing darts at your heart, jeering, taunting,... Continue Reading →

Journals of a Plague 4

I was going through my drafts and ran into this blog that I was supposed to publish in the 14 Milford CloseBelvedereHarare, Zimbabwe Thursday 2 April 2020 I have always wondered why there is so much pressure with finding a cure for OCD? What is so wrong with having a premium organized life? Today I... Continue Reading →

Journals of a Plague 3

14 Milford CloseBelvedereHarare, Zimbabwe Friday 6 March, 2020 We are on the brink of an apocalypse. My sleeping pattern has been shit, I have one-hour power naps every four hours and I am constantly on zombie mode. Caffeine is my go-to if anything I am going to die from fatigue and not this novel virus... Continue Reading →

Journals of a Plague 2

14 Milford CloseBelvedereHarare, Zimbabwe Wednesday 5 February, 2020 It has been over a month since my last entry. I felt I said all that needed to be said, this journal thing felt like a tedious task as opposed to the therapeutic effects. I know I am not making sense, but venting on a blank page... Continue Reading →

Journals of a Plague 1

14 Milford CloseBelvedereHarare, Zimbabwe Thursday 3 January, 2020 • First Entry My therapist proposed that I start writing in a journal about my thoughts and feelings. Here we are. This is awkward to say the very least, as I have never made an attempt to relay myself through writing. I don’t know where to begin.... Continue Reading →

Fairy Tales are a Scam

Fairy tales really come from a dark sadistic place and are pacified by the happily ever after philosophy. After purchasing a collection of story books for my kids by Eric Cayle I was quite pleased with myself. 10 books with simple but compelling stories that teach valuable lessons. It took me back to the stories... Continue Reading →

Once Upon A day Long

The word moved like a tumbleweed on a windy day. Was it true? Robert was in Britain signing a peace covenant? Hope grew in the hearts of many although freedom fighters straddled the fence in skepticism. In the low bushes could be discerned the lurking guerillas, burning with a voracious desire for combat. Noone heard... Continue Reading →

Modern Lobola Aestheticism

The sun emerged from the jagged hill tops, washing the acreage of pasture land with a golden fluorescence. Topless maidens make a beeline following a path to a cluster of mud huts, while balancing clay pots of water on their heads with graceful equipoise. Their waists sway in balletic rythm and fluid elegance. Arriving at... Continue Reading →

The Dark Mistress (Finale)

The cramps began to topple each other and each spasm more intense than the last. Lying on her side, Melissa squeezed the steel lamp-stand and until her knuckles were white. Her face contorted in a grotesque expression of pain, a blood-curdling scream escaped from her throat. The baby wriggled in the birth canal unaware of... Continue Reading →

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