Rogue 2020

Hey you, it is I, Makaitah Rogue your favorite blogger here to fill your meagre purses with the usual sarcastic impudence and literary prowess. I know you missed me but I saw it fit to take a break in the month of December 2019, as I indulged in regrettable profligacy and wasteful extravagance. I thereby... Continue Reading →

The Predominant Rape Culture In Zimbabwe

There is a blog I wrote about how I am not a feminist but a humanist (totally off the grid). I wasn’t fully aware of the principles of feminism and how the odyssey of this movement has awarded women a lot of privileges that we currently enjoy. It is the most stupid thing to say... Continue Reading →

Be Rogue

The thirties have given me a gift, a morsel of philanthropy that has made life exciting and unexpectedly a breeze. In true altruism, I will share this philosophy on a rogue approach to life that transcends to genuine happiness. We spend most of our lives fighting ourselves, fighting who we are because humanity set behavioral... Continue Reading →

WBC Day 2| A Dog Named Coco

She is furry ball convulated with caramel mosaic A small pup, elfin but archaic Floppy ears, button nose, stumpy legs A dash of adorableness and a pinch of cuteness on deck Keri Russell, Jane Russell, Leon Russell none like Coco my Jack Russell To continue reading, click here

The Little Landlocked Country

A little landlocked country with no seaport Snuggled in, shaped like a teapot Anchored by ceasarism We huddle in the stormy weather of absolutism A harp strings a song filled with sobriety The wails of a nation is not a priority A dominating element of elitism Conjugated with stalinism and cynicism The iron fist of... Continue Reading → is Here!

Hey guys! So I had not made an official announcement but Makaitah Rogue finally has her own domain! Its been two months now and I have been blogging from there but my followers on here have no idea. So guys, please follow me on ! You know me, I will definitely follow you back!... Continue Reading →

Prisoner of My Own Heart

A mangled heart with a chaotic rhythm, It is a black hole Cracks on the surface blood seeps out from the artriole Rescue me from this incarceration, parole I cant breathe like a goldfish out of its bowl A dark aura that comes out at night like a troll Relentless pain but I can not... Continue Reading →

The Plague of Internet Trolls

The internet has architected a global hamlet through social media platforms. We are right on the pinnacle of digitalisation and what a time to be alive! The world is at our fingertips, an infinite kaleidoscope of information, intertwined in a cyberspace of different social structures and communities. One click and we are in a virtual... Continue Reading →

The Passion of Christ. Angels Vs Demons.

A continuation from 24 Hours of Reckoning Lost in time spectrum, Ragael abducted the fruit of Perdition in a bid to find favour in the eyes of the ominiscent. Satan plunged into a fit of fury saoking with intense anger outpouring in hysterical yelling. "Bring Ragael to my lair!" He screamed at the satanic horde... Continue Reading →

Summoning The Ancestors of Zimbabwe

The drummer pounded on the taut sheet of cow hide, a troglodyte drumming a continuous rythym that beckons the fore fathers of the land. A solitudanarian whose only company are the echoes from the hollow cylinder as the reverberations harmonized with the swishing sounds of tree branches. On a hill top, the drummer stood before... Continue Reading →

Citizens of Hell

In the blog The Shitty Teapot Shaped Country, I said Zimbabwe was melting rexin on Satan's ass, boy was I out of range with that. This country is actually Satan's ass crack, the sewer of hell. Stop gaping, I said what I said and today is not the day. While I like to maintain some... Continue Reading →

The Lucid Dreams of Nostalgia

Sometimes I wonder about my nine month uterine life. The intimate cacoon of the placenta and the aquatic lifestyle in the warm amniotic fluids. The images and sensation of a tangerine aquarium with a musical accompaniment of a pulsating heart. A beautiful nine month purgatory that birthed a series of events mashed up together creating... Continue Reading →

The Rise of the Roguestar

The name Rogue is unsettling, she looked at me with utter disdain. Who wants to masquerade as a dishonest or unprincipled person? Oh let the world know, here comes the Roguestar, badum tiss, with a fanfare of crooks and criminals. I was unpeturbed, I gazed at Makaitah and knew that the time had come, the... Continue Reading →

A Lone Bamboo; Chapter 2

A lone Bamboo Chapter 1: A Lone Bamboo; Chapter 1 Sister Albina knelt in a stark bare room only furnished with a single spring bed that hung oddly like a hammock. Above the bed a wooden crucifix dangled in an uncertain position; pendulum fashion. A sigh escaped from her lips, as she muttered Hail Marys... Continue Reading →

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