A Letter to Unfounded Love: Chapter Five

It was the way he looked at me. I melted into a puddle of butter. Nothing else mattered when he held me close as our heartbeats coupled together in a quixotic melody of passion. He became yin to my yang, two bodies belonging to one soul. I yearned for him as an urgent need smoldered deep in my loins and became an erratic pulse between my legs. That afternoon I was carried upstairs while his lips searched mine. We stumbled, giggled until we reached the bohemian entry way of my bedroom. He gently pressed my lips with his thumb while maintaining a penetrating gaze into my eyes.

“I am going to make love to you”

Those simple words detonated all the vulva nerve endings into a frenzy that demanded to be rogered. I grabbed his neck and kissed him with a renewed hunger, my tongue probing in his mouth and met with equal vigor. Between kissing and waltzing towards the bed, shoes were kicked off and a tie was seen flying in the air. Collapsing on the bed he landed on top of me with a full hard-on pressing on my thigh. He traced my neck with his lips while his hot breath sent shivers down my spine. I grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head and he wiggled out of it. It took one swoop for my dress to fly over my head and hot lips collided with my nipples, firm but a gentle tongue circled the areolas. My back arched as I writhed underneath him unable to contain the impending eruption in my loins. My clitoris throbbed so hard I could feel it pulsating in a full-on erection. I lifted my waist to meet his hard on, rubbing my clit on the neck of his penis. He stopped for a moment as if steeling some sort of control.


He traced his tongue down my abdomen while stealing soft kisses in between. I gasped as my head reeled with nothing but the fire that threatened to explode inside me. He nimbly pulled down my thong and let it ride slowly down my thighs as he marveled at the clean-shaven pelvis and pink engorged clit that glistened in my juices. I kicked off my panties, and reached out into his boxers to take out his schlong. I needed to see it, but he grabbed my wrists and pinned my hands above my head. He shook his heard with a sly smile, “Not yet.” He breathed.

I was desperate, I wanted all of him inside me and put down the flames that had engulfed my pelvic cavity. The need was unbearable.

“Tawanda…. please.” I begged.

He gently took my clit inside his mouth and suckled on it ever so delicately while the tip of his tongue stroked the inside of the hood. I heard a low moan escape from my lips. I synced with a slow sensual rhythm, his tongue plunged inside my vagina, slobbered in juices, he wiggled it inside of me. His thumbed pressed on my clit making slow circular motions. I was on the brink.


The eruption was violent, my body went rigid and toes curled. My thighs clamped his head almost crushing his skull as I came.

“There, there” Tawanda unclamped his head with a look of triumph. “You’re amazing” He continued and began to remove his boxers revealing an immaculate heavy schlong with pythonic girth.

 It was massive, almost scary but beautiful at the same time. He inched closer to me and open the side table drawer. He pulled out a condom. A fire reignited and I watched him pull the latex over his penis. My gosh, that thing was gorgeous. I was in pure reverence at the thought of accommodating it. I swung my legs off the bed and pulled him close to me then swiftly pushed him on the bed and jumped on top of him, straddling his waist. He sat up and dug his fingers into my ass. I dangled my vaginal lips on the tip of his penis. Slowly easing myself on to it and my walls welcomed him with a skintight grip. His thickness slid in and filled me up, all of it buried inside me. I felt jolts of electricity short circuit in my vagina. It was a delicious entry.

Wrapping my arms around his neck and my nipples crushed on his chest, I picked a slow rhythm. Clinging on to him and rode him slowly, enjoying every inch of him.

“Shit” he whispered in my ear

I picked up pace as my body demanded harder and faster thrusts. Up and down, circular and sideways. My waist moved with fluid ease and precision. Ride the tip then sit on it and taking it all in. Repeat. He let out low grunts at every stroke. He urged me on by holding down my waist. I lost control and went full on rabbit mode. It was the wild wild west, I rode him rodeo style. Edging on to the climax, Tawanda grabbed the back of my head and kissed me deeply.



We screamed each other’s names and we exploded at the same time. Panting and sweating we stayed like that for some time, trying to recuperate. I pulled my head back up and gazed at him then we both burst laughing. He is my soul mate, I thought.

We took it to the shower. I held on to the floor faucets while he gave me slow deep strokes from behind as hot water cascaded on my back. The urgent final thrusts brought us to an earth-shattering climax. Tired, spent and mostly satisfied we spooned on the bed naked in comfortable silence. I felt him grow as he poked my bum.

“How do you do this to me, Mukai?” he whispered.

I smiled as he climbed on top of me. “May I have you one more time?”

I chuckled, “Of course, please be my guest.”

He finally made love to me. He maintained eye contact as he rocked in and out, the traditional missionary style. Suckling on my nipples and kissing without losing rhythm. He hit is so sensually I wanted to cry. He touched the hem of my soul with his penis. I sucked him in as the girth rubbed my clit at each stroke. The electric pleasure of each thrust consumed my entire body and I lost all senses. I raised my waist meeting him midair as I carried his weight with my lower body, throwing him up and catching him just before slipping out. It was delicious. The passion took its own course and the yin yanged – we became one. I folded like a two dollar bill, throwing my legs over my head, ankles touching my ears, nails digging in his back, and grabbing his ass , pressing him harder inside of me. Juices dripped on the bed, he was crying at this moment and a wave of emotion washed over me as I professed my undying love for him.

“Tawanda I love you baby; I love you please…”

“Mukai what are you doing to me baby…what are you doing to me?”

The rhythm was beyond our control, our bodies intertwined and oscillated in the silky depth of my vagina. Steady and deep – his thrusts, smooth and consistent. I met his thrusts with the same stamina, the orgasm came with each stroke until he climaxed too. A multiple orgasm. We fell asleep immediately while he held me close to him.

I fell hook, line and sinker for Tawanda. There was no going back from the first day we slept together.                                                                                                                           

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