My Favorite Game of Thrones Fashionistas

The HBO television show, Game of Thrones displays one of the most iconic fashion moments in the history of film making. Each costume is tailor made and intricately hand crafted to suit the role and charm of a character. The medieval fashion sense is beautifully captured with a fusion of contemporary designs. The costumes can be amazing cosplay outfits but to be honest, I would rock a lot of the clothes on this show.

Daenerys Targaryen displays a nifty range of haute couture from the delicate gowns of the queen of Meeren to the Dothrak leather, mother-of-dragons ensemble. Season 5 is the reign of the Targaryen Queen of Meeren in various white cape dresses. Different scenes of Danny in elegant flowy dresses even in the most gruesome scenes, she maintains a flawless and graceful demeanor. I figured the capes represents the white savior principle by means of freeing all the slaves and slaughtering slave owners. In season 7 and 8, the mother of Dragons exhibits an assortment of bad girl leather outfits. The leather game is versatile as she is spotted in distinct designs and print inspiring some Kitana female warrior vibes.

Daenerys Targaryen

Cersei Lannister love or hate her, her fashion style is chic and sophisticated exuding feminine supremacy. We meet Cersei as the high-nosed queen in royal colorful gowns and dresses. As her character develops, we notice an evolution of her dresses detailed with significant embroidery, armor and the famous funnel necked gowns that becomes her trademark. Her gowns are Met Gala worthy and can easily fall under Alexander McQueen designer wear.

Cersei Lannister

Sansa has the most intense character progression and drastic wardrobe changes. We are introduced to the young and naïve Sansa in simple commoner medieval dresses and voluminous skirts. In Westeros she is groomed by Cersei and dresses in light princess frocks that are conducive to the Westeros all round warm weather. After escaping the clutches of Ramsey Bolton, Sansa transforms from a little bird to an eagle. Her dress sense is inclined on stylish dark colored cloaks and fur, assuming her place as the Lady of Winterfell.

Sansa Stark

Margery Tyrell although her character is for a fleeting moment, she displays a feminine series of outfits. Her dresses characterized by plunging necklines showing soft mounds of cleavage, sensual but innocent. She is a paradox of gentle and tough, representing a delicate rose with thorns just like the sigil of the House of Tyrell. Her dress sense doesn’t really change except for the gold, metal details and embroidery. She maintains a stylish and graceful poise that makes her stand out in the dynamics of class.

Margery Tyrell

Missandei advisor- friend to Daenerys, is the halter neck dress and crop top girl. She is spotted in different designs and fabrics of two-piece crop top and long skirts. She is our girly girl with the angel like sincerity and inevitably the show’s sweetheart. Missandei is loveable and her dress sense is teenager meets vogue.


Lady Olenna the matriarch of the house of Tyrell is famously known for her hat and wimple. She matches each and every outfit with the hat-wimple ensemble. Lady Olenna regal sense of fashion reflects a wealthy background. She wears silk wimples, exquisite velvet and gold fasteners. Her wit infused with sarcasm is seasoned and intelligent she displays political potential. You can never overlook the pillow-box hat that commands her presence.

Lady Olenna

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