4 Reasons Why Companies Should Hire Bloggers

Winter ABC 2021: Day 13

How many of you, have come across official websites of reputable companies that are dead and inactive? In a world where we seek the authenticity of an organization through a consecutively running website, it is imperative for companies to have a well updated website. Adding a blog to a website gives it life, a voice, digital footprints and value to consumers. Bloggers are experts in content creation and marketing. Hiring a blogger to run your website can increase traffic and credibility that leads to sales. Content created by a professional is well researched, error free with a compelling narrative style helps you appear on the cutting edge of your industry. I am going to give you four reasons why companies should consider hiring bloggers.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Hiring a blogger is an easy way to attract customers to come to you instead of going to them. Bloggers are well versed in search engine optimized content that can have your company ranking on top of the search engines and making your website easily discoverable. Bloggers have keyword research skills to find the most popular keywords searched by potential customers. This increases web traffic which in turn leads to more sales. They are well versed in SEO tools and tweaks that can have the website ranking high.

  • Expert Quality Content

Businesses tend to underestimate the effort it takes to create quality and original content. A blogger engages in a lot of research work, trends in the market, facts, figures, topics that will interest clients and search engine optimized words. As writers they can easily customize the style or writing to meet business requirements, while creating content that is readable and engaging. Publishing quality content frequently and consistently gives your business a trustworthy digital footprint, organic traffic and first page preference on google search.

  • Social Media Marketing

Bloggers are social media experts, influencers and are connected to a huge network of bloggers. They know all the appropriate platforms to share content and create backlinks on other websites. They can build genuine engagement and community. Creating and sharing valuable content helps companies develop sustainable brand loyalty and increase reach to target audience. Bloggers are skilled analytics, equipped with analytic tools to gauge the performance of content on social media, including tracking progress, success and engagement.

  • Cost Effective

Hiring a blogger is not as expensive as you might think because they work remotely and outsourcing is cheaper than a full-time employee. They are paid per article.  Companies also don’t have to pay for health insurance, training and other employee benefits. Hiring a blogger is cheaper and for great quality work, it is a great deal.

Providing high-quality and frequent content for your audience is great way to build a brand. A blogger’s expertise will successfully expand digital brand presence. Companies should adjust with the digital era and consider hiring bloggers. A blog is crucial not only in attracting new prospects but also in keeping clients close so that they can become repeat customers.

9 Replies to “4 Reasons Why Companies Should Hire Bloggers”

  1. Totally agree with this Makaitah! It’ll be good both for the companies and for the bloggers as well. Companies will get quality content and traffic, bloggers will get to earn and do more of what they do.

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  2. I am all for this…
    I was telling this to a firm which spends hundreds of dollars paying for facebook advertising like you know or for the amount of money you spent on facebook adverts, commissioning a blogger would have given you a more lasting return on investment 😎

    And now I am waiting for them to ask for my rate card


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    1. Oh you get a rate card? I need to pull up and create one. I am led!

      That is so true, we can easily replace the so called “social media managers” plus we can produce an immaculate copy in a day! Hiring bloggers is the next best thing!

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