ZAZU Takes Zambia’s FinTech Ecosystem by Storm

Winter ABC 2021: Day 12

Fintech has grown rapidly over the years, offering technology based and disruptive innovations. Gomber et al. (2017) defines fintech as the buzzword coming from “financial” and “technology.” The ever-evolving digital era has been extremely welcoming to ground-breaking products and services brought by contemporary technologies. Fintech revolutionary omni-channel and branchless banking is a convenient alternative.

There a lot of fintech start-ups in Zambia but the ZAZU app has successfully integrated fintech as part of our daily lives. Facilitating a variety of financial activities such as mobile banking e-wallet money transfers, airtime top-up, payments of utility bills, TV subscriptions, checking account balance and statements. You can transfer mobile money from any network. The ZAZU e-wallet is connected to a Mastercard and I received mine almost instantaneously without any hustle. The efficiency is unbelievable, I can easily travel and use my ZAZU Mastercard to make payments and even withdraw money from an ATM anywhere in the world. It gets better, you can connect a ZAZU debit card to your PayPal account. It also provides a virtual card for online shopping and subscriptions.

The interface is clean and user-friendly. Transactions are prompt and immediate without bank buffering. ZAZU evades the need for a bank account to access their services. A bank account is not a requirement to own a ZAZU debit card or e-wallet hence creating a financially inclusive service that can be accessed by anyone with internet. It incorporates underprivileged persons who are underqualified to have a bank account. Bypassing the ruthless capitalist aggression against the disadvantaged.

 In this Covid-19 epoch, customers are not keen to go for services provided by traditional banking. Instead, we prefer services that are safe. ZAZU is a time relevant development. There is a customer care personnel on the app that is readily available to chat and respond to any queries. The instant messaging feature beats every conventional service from standing in long ques to being kept on hold on a phone call. If a card is lost you can freeze it and replace it by a simple online request on the app. Cancellation is reversible incase you might find your lost card. I cannot stress enough on the handiness of fintech radical revolutionary technology. ZAZU is a financial service one-stop shop at the tips of your fingertips. All it takes is signing up, create a username, take a selfie and send your identification documents. Simple as ABC, you have access to the best financial services in the digital age.

Fintech is definitely influential in global economy, business scenery and fabric for contemporary civilization. ZAZU is a major player, moving us forward into the future of fintech. It’s the best thus far and I highly recommend.

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