Must Have Blogging Tools

Winter ABC 2021: Day 11

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness while providing comprehensive and suitable content for target audience.  The success of a blog depends on the quality of the content, the layout and overall aesthetic. There are certain blogging tools that assist in organizing thoughts with a coherent framework, a professional look and feel. I will divulge on some tools that I work with!


This is the best app to happen to digital creatives. It is a graphic design platform that provides thousands of templates to create visual content. It makes image creation super easy especially for us non-designers. All the featured images on my blog are designed on Canva. The interface is user friendly, with custom designed templates for every social media channel, awesome fonts and clean 3HD stock images. It is available on mobile and web, so you can design on the go. Canva offers all of these with a free plan and for better advanced features, there is premium version with Canva Pro. If you are not already using Canva, go check it out and bring your ideas to life!


Adding images to your blog is a must and luckily there are sites that offer clean free images. Pixabay has millions of royalty free images that you can use for your blog. It has an easy, fast and efficient keyword search feature and voila, you have the perfect image for your blog. Pixabay also provides illustrations, vectors and videos. The crisp and captivating images will guarantee to draw in your readers and keep them hooked.

Research Tools

Wikipedia makes a decent research tool for digital reference. It is a peer influenced encyclopedia but has become a rich source for cultural research. I use backlinks that reference to Wikipedia. In academia wiki is not considered as a reliable source because anyone can access and edit information, but I use it to give external context. Always be wary of using single source.                             Internet Public Library is a great platform for research, it is a collection of digital online resources categorized according to niche.  This web-based library has all kinds of information collected by librarians from the best internet resources. Google is one of the ideal ways to conduct research. It’s a gateway into the world’s content database that will transform your blog into well researched work.


It is a browser extension that can proofread your blog. It will indicate errors and suggests ways to correct it. The free version checks for subject-verb agreement, 150 common grammatical mistakes, spellings and provides synonyms that can take your writing to the next level. There is a premium version of Grammarly, available for $139.95 per year but I am doing well with the free version. Even the best writers make mistakes, Grammarly will assist you from embarrassing grammatical errors and gives your blog error free, quality content.


I use this app to take notes on my phone. Evernote has a web clipper that allows you to save web pages, notes, photos and tags that you can access any time. It provides templates with different themes that brings your ideas and data to life.  The days of making mental notes that are easily forgotten are over, with Evernote you can have your mental notes backed up with an actual web source for reference and inspiration. It organizes and syncs your data by topic and idea that way you can retrieve your notes with ease. I also use it as a content calendar for my blog.

WordPress Google Analytics

Finally, the WordPress Google Analytics plugin helps you to keep up with that statistics and performance of the blog. It keeps track of the traffic on your site, where they are coming from and why. Impressions, clicks, views, popular entries and pages, source of traffic for example, search engines, links and social media platforms. You can see all your site data and metrics with out leaving the WordPress dashboard.

If you have more tools to share, don’t think twice and share in the comment section. Let’s grow together in creating quality and premium content!

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  1. Since you have mentioned Google Analytics.. Might as well as kick it up a notch and add to just check out some of your SEO rankings such as Domain Authority and also check out any notable sites linking to your site it’s useful info to know.

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