5 Social Media Tips for SMEs

Winter ABC 2021: Day 10

It is the third week of the Afrobloggers Winter ABC Festival and the theme is Business and Tech. The first thing that clicked in my mind is SME and social media. The lack of tact and strategy from small businesses on social media is alarming. If it is not the bland lackluster content that is overly promoted, it is the imprecise and mechanical manner of interacting with customers or potential customers. The most important aspects of SM are content and interaction. It takes a well thought out strategy and implementation for a successful and influential social media presence.

  • First Map Out a Strategy that aligns with your goals, objectives and resources. Do a research on platforms that are best for your business, for example, LinkedIn for professional business to business focus. Image based platforms such as Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. Take time to learn and understand the analytic tools for the platforms that you choose. Find out the platforms used by your target audience, for instance, 79% of adults are on Facebook, 32% of adults are on Instagram etc. Structure a content plan and calendar to determine the type of content that you will share, the frequency and quality.

  • Establish Voice and Tone. Essentially there is a voice for your brand, it can be animated, quirky, witty, professional or serious. The tone is how you present your voice and the vibe for your brand. Inevitably voice and tone creates your social media personality and humanizing your brand for virtual interactions. Customers should be able to have a natural conversation with your brand. Businesses in Africa ought to do away with one-size-fits-all rigid responses. Each dialogue must be different and precise, leading to the ultimate goal. If replying a query, your voice should be helpful, informative, clear and approachable. Develop a voice that leads to a great overall experience for customers. A voice that is authentic, easy going and not forced.
  • Be on The Look Out for Trends emerging from platforms. Please note, some trends are better left alone. Gauge if the trend is politically correct and doesn’t implicate your brand in harmful and negative context. If a popular trend aligns with your brand, do not hesitate to capitalize and increase engagement. There is some sort of creativity and finesse that is required when jumping on trends. Planning and execution are important, be wary not to sound corny and cliché. Keep the salesy tactics to a minimum and use hashtags properly.
  • Check Out Your Competitors and how they are conducting themselves on social media. The idea is to stand out from the rest so this sneaky part is fundamental. Notice what they are not doing and fill in that gap. See what is being said about their brand presence so you can lure unhappy customers to you. You can even have a playful, friendly and creative rivalry without coming off as spiteful.
  • Finally, Hire a Professional. Do not do it yourself, hire an expert social media manager who will be responsible for producing, managing and monitoring content on all of the company’s social media channels. Hiring a professional will keep your online presence active and consistent. They can do all of the aforementioned with ease and proficiency. Brand image is very important, it can make or ruin a business, it is a delicate matter which should be handled by digital experts.  

I hope you have found these tips helpful and relevant. As a digital creative it will be a travesty not to contribute to the emerging companies in the tech world, who are still trying to find their footing. Here is to an awesome and productive week. Au revoir!

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