Another day in the Life of Makaitah

I have challenged myself to blog daily in the month of June and today marks a successful 12-day streak. Let me be honest, I was in doubt of my capabilities to see this through, but here we are, day 12 going strong and motivated than ever. Creativity is like a muscle, the more you create the stronger you become in principle and inventiveness. My work ethic and discipline has improved.

 I am happy to announce that, this blog now has an audio podcast! It is currently running on 8 platforms, Google Podcasts, Anchor, Breaker, Pocket Casts, Radio Public, Spotify and Copy RSS. Go on ahead and click on the Spotify link above and voila you can listen to Remy the automated voice that reads my blog for you. No, I am not reading out my blogs to you but I am making plans to record a couple of episodes.

I wrote this in the morning before having a hectic day. I kept reminding myself, damn are you really going to break the streak? Its 22:00hrs and I am not backing down for nothing. The show must go on. Picture this scenario, I am hosting games night at my place and in the middle of an intense monopoly game I pulled out my laptop to finish off this entry. This is how I am committed to seeing this through, I have chosen you over my family and I don’t even get paid for this. They call it insanity, I call it passion so, bite me.

I have obviously lost the train of thought that birthed this article, but semi intoxicated me is going to go with the vibe. The energy is saying be real and be yourself. I have been nothing but real without the superficial social media delusion. That is the thing with me, what you get is what you see, make up or not. I will post on these platforms the raw authentic me. It is easier that way because committing to being fraudulent is too much work. How many people live double lives because they feel the need to fulfill a delusion, a façade of controlling the narrative according to a certain acceptable social perception.

They made me banker for the next round of monopoly so I got a bit distracted. I will be right back; the game is getting tense. Okay I am back, there is some sort of deadlock I have no idea what’s going on. I am back, AGAIN, its 02:45hrs, I am not breaking the streak! While WordPress might consider now as tomorrow but as far as I am concerned, it is yesterday so that is that. It is my 12-day streak and ain’t no robot gonna tell me otherwise! To infinity and beyond! I am currently the last man standing, everyone has yielded to alcohol. I am the last of the Mohicans baby.

I am trying so damn hard to keep my eyes open but I gotta publish this thing, design the featured image and oh boy, all the best to me. So, I am wrapping this up because at this point, it is getting ridiculous. I hope you had a crazy and fun Saturday like mine. Cheers!

13 Replies to “Another day in the Life of Makaitah”

  1. Hahaha, you are adventurous…you have the skill to take people through different emotions. And you are the woman. Thank you so much,

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  2. It’s like you’re in my mind! I’ve always been on and off on WordPress. But in the last week of May, I decided that I’ll post everyday in June and I’m glad to say that I have achieved it so far. I too am on a 12 days streak right now! More power to you Girl!♥♥

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  3. To the last man standing!!!

    Protip you can fiddle around with the publication date to make sure the computer knows its the next day otherwise the article counts from the day/time you started writing not the time you published…


    PS am on a 13 day streak… These lil reminders have kept me going!!!! An accountability partner I didn’t know I needed 🤣

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    1. Oh my, of great minds and thinking alike! It did come out as day 12 of the streak, phew. Let’s keep getting it, it’s good to know there is someone out there pushing too! Here is to a successful 30day streak!


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