Protecting Child Rights

It is the second week of the Afrobloggers #WinterABC2021 and the theme is Advocacy. It didn’t take two seconds to know exactly what I will write about. This site is an active advocate for child’s rights. I have written so many entries on this topic and I will not tire until adults leave children alone. I will try my best not to rant because the issues that surround this subject make my blood boil. I will respectfully contain myself and approach this with a sober mind.

The vulnerability of a child makes them susceptible to exploitation such as, child poverty, lack of educational opportunities and child labor. These are the most common violations against Child rights in Zimbabwe and Zambia. Every child has the right to an education, that is mandatory primary and secondary learning. Gender inequality and misogynistic violence are the evils that have deprived the girl child from getting an education in Rural Africa. Most African countries are 30% urban and 70% rural settlements. There are millions of children who have been denied their right to education. Other factors like cultural patriarchy intolerance to early pregnancy in young girls and school policies that discriminates against the girl from continuing with her education. While allowing the impregnator boy to proceed with his education.

It is alarming that child marriages are still in practice even in modern day Africa because of the same patriarchal notions and extreme poverty that compels parents to marry off a child in exchange of food and money. A lackadaisical society that closes its eyes to child abuse and feigns ignorance to these atrocities. Guardians responsible for orphans, sourcing them as cheap labor, stripping away their childhood and educational opportunities. Adults who are supposed to protect children but are closet pedophiles who prey on innocent minors and sexually violate them. Family members raping children in their own homes and family sweeping the crime under a rug.

Horrifying ignorant belief of curing H.I.V by raping a baby. This is the worst of them, I cannot even wrap my head around this. The thought of it makes me seethe with rage. Stone them to death if you must. I live in society that is convinced that physical violence on children is some sort of disciplinary measure. Sometime ago I wrote a blog about child prostitution. The horrors are mortifying. Abstract influences like social inequality, poverty makes another show here, geographical location and generally an adult centric world that thinks child rights are not a subdivision human rights.

There are hundreds of international and local organizations that are fighting for child rights. International human rights laws that have declared the rights of a child across the world. It comes down to this. I have presented to you, a peephole of child violations, what are you, my reader doing about this? What do you intend on doing to protect the children from adults? Systematic inequality that leaves children at a disadvantage. It takes individuals in society to put a foot forward in advocacy of Child Rights. I fight with words one blog at a time, I speak up when I see an endangered child and will not hesitate to jump in, involve myself even in physical altercations to protect minors.

There are websites that you can report like the Internet Watch foundation, c’mon the nearest police station, a tweet, being an involved parent and teaching children to advocate for themselves. They too should be aware of their rights. It starts from here, your efforts matter in the grand scheme of things. I am challenging you to shape a better future by looking out for children. You don’t have to be a parent, but the mantra is every child is your child. Silence is compliance and your active participation can propagate a ripple effect towards the cause. Think about it and save the children.

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