The Creative Process

Winter ABC 2021: Day 3

A loud ping echoes in the frontal cortex and a radiant light illuminates the entire lobe.

“light bulb’’! Harry the neuron squeales with excitement.

The anterior neurons love ideas. Living in the mind of Makaitah is comparable to a magical wonderland. It is a fantasy world of infinite possibilities. The electrical cars that carry the neurons to wonderland are fueled by thoughts. Imagination aquarium transforms to a hive of activitiy at every light bulb moment. An idea brings life to the frontal lobe of the cerebrum. The eager neurons pass on the information to the rest of the quartier as they make a bee line to board the train of thoughts to the imagination aquarium. The creative process is an event that requires the participation of every single neuron of the discerning quartier. The first stage of the creative process involves preparations and throwing various scenarios to bring a thought or idea to life.

The leading neurons gather in a vortex of electrical impulses. They draw their energy from the vortex to create images from thoughts. Motion images are screened through a network of dendrites that branches across the cortex. The occipital lobes of the brain process the images into motion visuals. The second stage of the creative process is the incubation of all the information stored in the subconscious of the brain. This stage there can be some research and resources acquired to solidify the idea in incubation. The neurons usually wait in an indeterminate state as the idea is processed in the cerebellum. It doesn’t take long for Makaitah to make a decision and go with the idea or let it get sucked away in the forgotten land. Neurons from the frontal usually hold secret meetings to conspire on yanking back the thoughts from incubation. The waiting period of this stage is filled with anxiety and debates on the creativity premise. Makaitah considers dropping the idea all together and come up with something new. This necessitates crumpled papers accumulating on the floor.

Another ping vibrates from frontal lobe.

“The idea is back from incubation!” Harry Neuron screams

The inkling fruition of the idea is called the Eureka moment. The solution and execution becomes clear as day. Makaitah sits up in the middle of the night as it dawns to her. The moment of truth as she punches the air and whispers, “Yassssssss.” The structure, flow and solution comes like an epiphany. She quickly gets up and sits on her work station. The keyboard becomes ablaze as she punches it with inordinate gusto. The frontal lobe neurons sit at the headquarters of logic and cerebral cognitive to create this masterpiece. Neurons and inter-neurons watch the idea as it is fleshed out and developed. This is the final stage of the creative process. As Makaita types the final word she stares in utter marvel at the screen of her laptop with a ridiculous grin plastered on her face. A standing ovation resonates throughout the four parts of the brain. Endorphin shots are taken and glasses clink as billions of neurons celebrate the success of the creative process.

Another ping ricochet and a glow emanates from the frontal.  

“Issa another one fellas!” Harry Neuron swivels in his chair

Lisa Neuron smiles, “I love it here Harry.”

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