The Dark Mistress (Finale)

The cramps began to topple each other and each spasm more intense than the last. Lying on her side, Melissa squeezed the steel lamp-stand and until her knuckles were white. Her face contorted in a grotesque expression of pain, a blood-curdling scream escaped from her throat. The baby wriggled in the birth canal unaware of the hovering dark force thirsty for her blood. Sasha kicked and pushed the door but it did not budge. “Fuuck!”, she screamed from frustration and ran to the kitchen door. She slid the latch from its inlet and the door swung open. She wildly scanned the yard looking for a heavy tool that could knock down the door. She noticed a shadow approaching, someone was coming, she back paddled into the kitchen and ducked, hiding behind the kitchen granite island. Mukoma Simon stood still in the middle of the driveway listening to the screams in the house and it sure sounded like Mrs. Matavire. He walked to the front door and knocked but there was too much commotion from inside for anyone to hear him. He walked around the house to the back and found the kitchen door wide open. He cautiously tip-toed into the house not knowing what to expect, ” Mrs. Matavire?!” He called out as he moved slowly to the passage entrance. A piercing scream cut through the air and Mukoma Simon rushed to the door at the end of the passage. “Mrs. Matavire! It’s Mukoma Simon!” He knocked on the door and tried to open it but it was locked. Melissa, listened tentatively, “Mukoma Simon?!” She crawled to the door, using the door handle as leverage she pulled her self up to her knees, quickly unlocked the door and sank back to the floor. Simon stood there for a moment wide-eyed unsure of what to do. She was in labor, he noticed. Melissa grunted still clutching the lampstand, “Get me out of here now Simon!” She screamed. Simon jolted to action, took her arm and put it around his shoulder so he could lift her up while supporting her weight in a pivotal position. With her left hand, Melissa gripped the edge of the bed for balance. Sasha stealthily walked in the corridor with both hands on the machete, Simon and Melissa did not see her as she stepped into the room.

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