The Dark Mistress 6

Tererai did not sleep all night as she prayed fervently for her daughter. The nightmare of Melissa being stabbed to death rattled her enough to crank up her hypertension. A horrible deja vu, she closed her eyes and whispered, “Oh Edmund my son, I will do it right this time.” At 4:15 am she decided to sleep but she blinked in the semi-darkness of dawn finding sleep elusive. The woman in her nightmare, who was she? Her face was familiar but she could not exactly place it. At 6:00 am it was pointless to try and sleep, her husband was awake as she watched him stare at the ceiling fan without blinking. She sighed silently and rose from the creaking bed and opened the windows. A loud clamor from the front yard almost gave her a heart attack. Tererai ran to the living room and peeked through the curtains. What a sight, heavily pregnant Melissa trudged through the driveway with several suitcases strewn on the front lawn. She opened the door her heart racing, ” Oh dear, another fight with Nerudo?” She noticed her daughter’s tear-stained face. Melissa broke into tears dropping her purse and rushing into her mother’s arms. ” Hush child, not in your condition please calm down.” Tererai felt a tug at her heart, men. “Come inside and tell me all about it” She led her daughter into the living room.

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