The Dark Mistress 5

Amos and FJ lounged at their usual nook of the bar. “That Sasha girl got our boy wrapped around her little finger, where is he?” Amos inquired with a hint of annoyance. “She has him acting out of character, I don’t even know him anymore” FJ spoke with a sneer. “He hardly comes to work and when he does come, which is a rarity, half the time he is zoned out” FJ lowered his voice and added, ” The board has given him a warning to vote him out, the slack has raised a lot of eyebrows.” Amos shook his head, “That is not a good look, we need to talk to him. Man to man.” FJ took out out a cigarette and lit it, ” I don’t know man, I feel this is now beyond us, it’s as if there is a wall built around his mind that noone can penetrate through.” Amos took a sip of his beer, “I am beginning to think that girl did a number on him?” FJ took a long pull from his cigarette and nodded, “That’s what I was thinking. It’s one thing to cheat, but to shut out your pregnant wife,work, friends and family is giving me voodoo vibes. ” Amos fixed his gaze behind FJ, “Here he comes.” Nerudo strode towards them, slightly slouched in his gait, he settled in the nook with his two friends without looking at either of them and sighed inconsequently. “Well isn’t it the great magician, famous for his disappearing and reappearing act!” FJ mocked. Nerudo threw a half-hearted smile, “Sorry gents was a bit caught up.” Amos locked eyes with him,” Caught up with what exactly? Lemme guess, Sasha?” Nerudo’s eyes where empty almost dead. ” Yes Sasha is pregnant, she needs me man” FJ smacked the table, “oh Sasha is pregnant?? Don’t you think YOUR WIFE needs you too? I don’t know if you remember but she is almost due?.” FJ felt the anger rising from the pit of his stomach. “So this is what you called me here for? To judge me?” Amos sensing the tension tighten, waved at the waitress, “Aye let’s get you a drink then we can all relax and talk.” Nerudo vehemently shook his head, ” I don’t drink anymore.” FJ almost choked on his beer, “Why?”, Nerudo lowered his eyes, ” We are going co-sober for the duration of her pregnancy” Amos stared at his friend, ” I am concerned about you, that Sasha girl is sucking you out and isolating you from the world, for fucks sake, what about your family, damn it Melissa is 8 months pregnant? What about Paida?” Nerudo stood up, ” Maybe you should mind your gaddamn business, focus on your low sperm count and have kids like a real man.” This time FJ spit his drink out, ” Whoa whoa! Hold up man that’s a low blow and you know it. Why are you so angry? We are worried about you man” FJ put his hand on Nerudo’s shoulder, “Don’t fucking touch me, you think I don’t know that you are fucking my wife??” Stunned silence ensued. Amos jaw rested on his chest, ” Farai noooo.” FJ calmly put his glass down, ” I don’t know what you are talking about.” Nerudo solemnly looked at both men, his best friends and walked away. Amos glared at FJ, ” Tell me this ain’t true Farai Jongwe.” Nonplussed FJ picked up his drink and gulped. Amos held his head in his hands, “All the fucks.”

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