The Dark Mistress 4

Melissa stormed into NMFJ premises seething with anger, she had no time to greet Nerudo’s secretary, a stout lady in her 50s. It was her idea to get an older woman as his secretary. She burst into Nerudo’s office and there he was, sprawled on a luxurious Courtney couch watching the 160inch flat screen on the opposite wall. He seemed unputurbed by her dramatic entry as she waddled in like a duck. She was evidently in her final trimester. “Where the hell have you been Nerudo?!! it has been 3 weeks since you came home!” Melissa screamed at him. He leaned on his elbows and looked at her with unhinged nonchalance. ” You will miscarry again if you are not careful Mel.” He stood up and threw himself on a leather swivel chair behind a massive mahogany desk. “Take a sit, care for some tea? I can ring Mrs. Sithole” he added casually. Melissa stood there in shock unable to recognize the man who sat before her. “Are you fucking kidding me? Is that all you can say right now? You don’t pick up your phone or reply my messages! You haven’t been home in 3 weeks!” Her eyes glazed on the brink of tears. “You know Mel, not so many wives are as privileged as you. You have everything you want and all the money you can have. You should be grateful that I am taking such good care of you. Matter of fact, a thank you would suffice right now”. Melissa stared at him in bewilderment, hurt and confused. ” What happened to you Rudo? Her voice broke, fighting to hold back tears. “You promised…promised to be a better man? You…you said you had changed.” Nerudo laughed and shook his head, he gazed at her and said, ” People don’t change Mel, we have been married for what? Close to 8 years and why would I change now?” The cold words hung in the room, stabbing her heart and she slowly sat down her legs suddenly unable to carry her weight. “Nerudo…” She chocked. “Come on Mel, enough with the water works, go home and rest. We can talk later, I have a meeting that I need to attend now.” He stood up and grabbed his car keys. “You can let yourself out but first get yourself together woman.” Melissa wiped her tears with the sleeve of her dress. “I want a divorce you weak piece of shit.” She said scathingly. Nerudo smiled, “Music to my ears.”

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