The Dark Mistress 3

Farai Jongwe, commonly know as FJ by friends and family was a dashing and adventurous 39 year old with a casanova complex. Never been married, 7 baby mamas and 9 kids. An expert in the art of seducing women into his bed. A nyphomaniac with an excessive and uncontrollable sexual desire for women. He met Nerudo at a business start up symposium and they were paired up for an impromptu presentation on a business model for consultancy. Their minds merged in those 10mins that the two gents hit it off from there and 10years later they were partners in one of the leading advertising agency in the country. As a business partner, FJ was brilliant, determined with a grit to achieve success. Nerudo kept FJ because of that energy, he was charming and knew how to seal deals. They made a fortune plus several cases of sexual misconduct from FJ who had trouble keeping it behind the zipper. NMFJ Ad Agency became an empire mainly popular for a sterling digital fluency and outstanding creativity. Brands scrambled for them. Although they had contrasting personalities, they were a functional duo. Nerudo quickly settled down and married his girlfriend of five years Melissa and as for FJ, he simply never grew up. He behaved like a frat boy with the libido of a hyena

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