I Think My House Is Haunted

I have watched an insane amount of horror movies in my life to nurture a mild phobia of encountering paranormal manifestions. So, we moved into a new house and my paranoia was buzzing. A cute Scandinavian style cottage hidden in a thicket of trees was going to be our home. I loved it but the moment I walked inside, I sensed an unwelcoming energy. It could have been my imagination, I don’t know, but I was definitely not vibing with this house. The need to be vigilant was so overpowering I just couldn’t brush off the feeling. We unpacked and settled pretty fast considering the cottage came furnished.

The main bedroom has a little walk-in closet and I hate those because I strongly believe they are portals to Abbadon, created by Greek architecture. A week passed without any suspicious occurrence. To help the children adjust we were co-sleeping with them, Malik slept with his dad in the other bedroom and I slept with Riley in another. First night I heard footsteps in the corridor and assumed it was hubby (he hardly sleeps) The 8th night my paranoia had fizzled out, I was getting quite comfortable and I even slept with the lights out that night.

I was startled awake by Riley’s screams around 2am. I quickly took her in my arms and rocked her until she fell asleep. I pulled the mosquito net down and tucked it around the bed. (Silly but I felt kinda safe under the mosquito net) I don’t want to lie, my heart was pounding fast, Riley scared me for a second there. I fell asleep minutes later and the mosquito net fell from the hook. Man, I was too exhausted to wake up and fix it, hell I decided to sleep like that. Just as I was drifting off to slumber land, I felt something yank the net! At an impulse I grabbed the net and the next few seconds was the most terrifying moment of my life. It was a supernatural tag of war with God-knows-what because in the pitch blackness I could not see my opponent. I tired to scream but my voice was caught in my throat. This could not be happening! They let go of the net and I fell back on the bed and instantly slipped into a deep sleep. My mind was screaming and my ears were ringing. I thought of The Conjuring, American Horror Story, Insidious, The Messengers my thoughts regressed to my worst fears. Again the net was yanked and I grabbed it again, another horrific second of tag of war. Whatever toe nail of Satan holding the net let go and I slipped into sleep paralysis. So I was sleeping in my bed, my whole body numb I couldn’t even blink. Then I felt it, someone feeling for my feet at the end of the bed. You know how Bathsheba the demon from the Conjuring, how she would pull people in their sleep by the feet? Based on a true story that movie and it was becoming my reality.

I remembered the name of Jesus (I was raised in stringent Christian home) I tried to say Jesus but the words wouldn’t come out. I was lying there half dead mouthing the word Jesus, like a fish outta water. I heard my voice cry out a feeble “theeeeezus.” Aye, it took everything in me to say that and I immediately knocked out of that sleep paralysis. I looked up to my beffudlement the mosquito net was still in its hook and neatly tucked in. I quickly got up and hit the light switch, snap electricity had dipped! I wasn’t waiting for no Bathsheba demon to return, this wasn’t Casper the friendly ghost. I took Riley and ran to the room were hubby and Malik were sleeping. It was the four of us on one bed. I told hubby what had happened and do you know what he said? “Don’t worry baby, it was just a nightmare, sleep.” Sleep? Did this man just dismiss me after the most horrific time of my life? He really was the skeptic character of this plot. Wow. I didn’t sleep, I was up all night, alert and watchful for any preternatural activity. While watching the other three members of the family sleeping peacefully with no cares in the world, I thought maybe I imagined it all? Should I call a therapist? Maybe I should call Ed and Lauren Warren for exorcism services?

I talked to the land lady and she assured the house was not haunted. She kept saying it was just a dream. Everyone said it was just a dream but it was too vivid to be a dream! The following night I had salt on the windowsills, doors everywhere in the house, I considered drawing the Winchester’s brothers devils trap sigil on my closet floor to trap demons. That felt kooky in broad daylight. So, I shelved that thought. I made the kids repeat a prayer after me. Had some gin before bed, I was not going to be haunted in my sober state. Surprisingly I slept like a baby. Nothing happened. It has been two weeks and nothing out of the ordinary has occured.

The supernatural world is real but I don’t know what happened that night. I always feel like I am being watched, very uneasy in this house and I can not wait to move! The four of us are still sleeping on one bed. I am not taking any chances. I have rationalized faith but as I inch closer to God with daily prayer, maybe we can arrive at a normal sleeping arrangement.

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