A Day With Makaitah

I was thinking about today’s blog post, so I decided to live blog about my Monday and here we are. Today I was late for work ( I hope my boss doesn’t bump into this ) and I knew I had set precedence for a really bad day. First of all, while I was trying to open the screen gate to my office, the heavy iron lock fell on my little toe. The day literally started with an agonized ‘fuuuuuuuuuck’, that echoed throughout the marketing department and frightened the office cat under the reception desk. I don’t even know why we have a cat, I am calling SPCA on that feline little wretch that ate my sandwich on Friday. (I am not particularly a cat person) The Monday strategic meeting is the usual crinkum-crankum of how we can increase sales. Same shit, different day, the meeting can be over I have a 10 o’clock at Rainbow Towers with a prospective client. I am really onto something and I would have spent this quality time prepping for this meeting.


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