The Dusk of My Sekuru

 Augustine Patrick Ndoro – 28 August 1934 – 5 September 2019

The tragedy of preparedness is an illusion and sophistry that effaces itself when reality kicks in. Sekuru Ndoro’s impending death gave a false sense of closure for everyone that loved him. We hung on hope for more days with him, despite the fact that he was 85 years old and literally living on dialysis for almost a year. He saw the hope that lit in our eyes, the efforts to keep him alive and he hung on for our sake. Only for our sake that we make peace  with his departure and say our fond farewells. This is the kind of man that he was, loving and selfless. He was the core of the family that glued us all together. He deteriorated right in front of us and everyone made haste to spend more time with him before his time had come.

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