Emotional Niggas are More Attractive

Societal pressure is a plague that has raised apathetic creatures that are compelled to put on stoic exteriors, for the preservation of the virility of a real man. Machismo has robbed us of  emotionally intelligent men and created psychological defects due to emotional constipation. A lot of men suffer from depression because it goes against their masculinity to express emotions that render them vulnerable. So, they walk around with a lot of pent up shit that threatens their  mental well-being. Men are taught to only show anger and a controlled form of happiness, which is a really fucked up because this display of positive sentiments makes a man really attractive, moreover it does not take away anything from his “masculinity.”

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  1. O.D. says:

    Great post! 🙂 Ironic how I just talked about something similar on my page lol


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