The Wistful Lady of Purgatory

The sinking feeling of a heart oscillating from side to side

A shattering discord, a cracking heart, teary eyed

Each piece a different note, chiming in a pensive sound

the blood curdling howls of the hell hound

The evil grasps a handful of my soul

yanking it, nothing left but a black hole

The smoldering embers in my eyes. extinguished, blank holes

Sleepless nights, wet pillow, heartache

its a glum day, loved ones shuffle towards my grave

the vile taste of regret, its my wake

A bare room with nothing but a rickety bed

Grey and forlorn, life seeped down to the lower echelons,


Trapped in a limbo of horror

The weeps of an adrift soul, a wistful aura

In a grave filled with contrition. Gomorrah

A wasted life, a wilting rose

Pity the clock froze

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