Hades Breath

I could hear the twigs breaking behind me

I fell face flat in the damp heath

Scurried clumsily on my feet with fright

I felt the ventricles pump blood into the atrium

He was gaining ground, I could feel it

I didn’t want to die, Not now at least

The precious scenes of my life began to roll by

The laughter, the tears and satisfaction of elation

A silent prayer of a fool’s paradise

Misplaced sanguineness

Can you cheat an inevitable necrosis?

My eyes flutter in anxiety neurosis

The breath hot against my nape

Demise there is no escape

Save me

This could not be it, Pale death

The undeniable Hades breath

The grim reaper, Angel of Death

Wake up!

Blinking in the darkness, hold up

Reverie, mental picture

A nightmare, a chilling tincture

A surge of relief, realization

I am alive, salvation

Not today Hades

So long matey

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