Zimbabwe Screwed My Blog Schedule

Sorry to interrupt you regular schedule. Today there will be no Chapter 18 of the dark blog series FALLEN for reasons beyond my control. With that I am sorry to my readers who are following this series. A rant, stewing at the bottom of my belly threatening to erupt and burning the esophagus on its way up. Yes I have had it up to here ( angry cut throat gesture) with this teapot shaped blow hole. Up to here! I can not and I will not be repressed and exploited in this inhumane manner. No disclaimer but FUCK this country. Just when you thought you have hit rock bottom, Zimbabwe will show you a secret passage to Satan’s den. I am beginning to think that bad governance is a talent, you need to have a passion and some sort of Luciferan trait to collectively screw an entire nation without losing a beat. Some mad talent from the pits of hell because this country is the rectum of failed leadership.

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