10 Crazy Motherhood Moments

Motherhood is cray, I am telling you it is the craziest thing to ever happen to a woman. How we remain sane in the midst of it all is a prodigy. There is no guideline to being a mother, human beings drop from your vagina and you just wing it. Sometimes you feel like you gave birth to the Devil’s spawns and they are only reason for existence is to trample on your dreams. Sometimes you look at your kids and beam at how you actually birthed little angels.  A little turbulence but at the end of the day you are prepared to hack and saw anything that may harm your kids. Motherhood is is fueled by a fierce love and strapped by several glasses of wine hahaha. So today I compiled 10 crazy motherhood moments and I am sure mommies can relate to most of them. Here we go..


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