The Passion of Christ. Angels Vs Demons.

A continuation from 24 Hours of Reckoning

Lost in time spectrum, Ragael abducted the fruit of Perdition in a bid to find favour in the eyes of the ominiscent. Satan plunged into a fit of fury saoking with intense anger outpouring in hysterical yelling. “Bring Ragael to my lair!” He screamed at the satanic horde of Perdition. Lucifer paced up and down on the podium that housed the trials for scallywag demons, mostly condemned to the abysmal depths of the ocean. Ragael escaped from Tartus in the first heaven and snatched the anti christos from his cradle. In utter recklessness he revealed his angelic form to a mortal. He broke the ordinance of heaven and hell. The most wanted celestial being in the universe.

Gabriel approached Michael on the threshold of the angelic dome. Michael stood gazing at the sea of gold magnum drinking in the scenic beauty of the 12 gold moons that gave a golden glow across the first heaven. The luminous flux was a sight to behold. “It never gets old, breath taking every time” Gabriel interrupted Michaels thoughts. Michael looked at his little brother and let out a sigh.”Ragael was going to be forgiven and demoted to a cherub. The horde of the fallen are enough, now Ragael?” Michael shook his head. Ragael broke into the crypts of the mysteries of God and read the scrolls of the scacred apocryph. He immediately went blind after reading the first scroll and Pael the defender of the crypts zapped him into Tartus. A purgatory for angels where angels are incarcerated while waitng for trial. Ragael escaped through the bottom quack portal to the world of men. Ahead of time he sought atonment by stealing the anti christos infant with intentions to bring him back to heaven where he will be forgiven and given accolades of a hero. He made the greatest error by breaking every eternal law. He was stripped of his angelic powers and now he lived among the mortals as one of them. In this form he was safe from Satan because he lost his angelic coordinates but heaven was watching.

Librael the angel of time released the latch for the delusory time lag gizmo. This was the umpteenth time to reverse time and rectify actions that set catastrophical motion of events, that did not adhere to the eternal law. For the first time, earth travelled back to AD 30. The time of the crucifixion of Christos. Ragael was condemned to live as a man and die like one. He was to assume the position of Judas Iscariot, the son of condemnation. Meanwhile, the sun dipped over the Nazareen as he sat on a table having what is famously known as the last supper. Heaven knew of this time glitch but Satan was back to face another defeat that overthrew him as the king of men to the scum of earth. Lucifer smiled as he was certain that the demonic dreams and whispers to Judas Iscariot had overhauled his mind. He was going to betray Chistos. The first adam had been easy, it was like taking candy from a baby. This second Adam required all the devious strategies and hells finest warlocks to prepare for war. Jesus was undoubtedly, going to die. He revelled in these thoughts while he sipped from a silver goblet filled with blood of infants. Victory was imminent.

The underworld was a hive of activity, Vladga chief Commander of the order of the satanic horde and warlocks set all the demons among the crowds of Jews. Lucifer stood in front of the crowd as he watched the Nazarene getting deep cuts from the lashes of leather bound whips. For a moment the Nazarene looked at him and had momentary eye contact. Where is your God now Christos? Pathetic, I told you humanity is mine. Looking like a naked mentally deranged demon. My hell hounds will feast on your flesh. Jesus looked up again at Satan, and his eyes smiled. At that moment, Lucifer staggered off like a drunkard with a sudden euphoria of impending doom. Lucifer searched wildy for hells stallions, he had to be far from Christos back in the comforts of the satanic parlours. Why does my spirit moan? We are on the brink of victory! Why do I moan? Lucifer could not find his stalllions or Dagon his armour bearer. Instead he saw Judas, standing among the crowds with Black torn wings towering from his back. Lucifers jaw dropped in shock. Ragael?

Michael solemnley watched as Jesus endured the inflictions of torture. Gabriel whispered, “Surely we can wave the orb of anaesthesia so he does not bear all that pain?” Michael shook his head vehemently, “No, its the ultimate sacrifice for man. The law says he has to suffer the pain after all its only for a while for the most precious prize. Humanity.” The hosts of heaven circled in the skies. The time was near. Jesus looked up at the skies but could not see the angelic host circling above him instead he saw Hades hovering above him. He yelled “Father, why have you forsaken me?!” Gabriel taken aback ” He can not see us anymore.” Michael smiled, “Hush Gabriel, Hades aura of death hides the angels.”

“Ragael, what the hell happened? You are a fallen!” Lucifer implored. Rageal looked up and Lucifer followed his gaze and behold the sky was thick with heavens hosts. He screamed “What is going on??!!!” Ragael disappered leaving panic stricken Lucifer who was instantly lifted by the dragon demons which flew into hells domain. Porthmus the angel of Divine Rendition hacked hades with the magnum prolific sword and he fell into one of hells labrinths of death. Jesus looked up and saw heavens hosts above and whispered, “it is done” Porthmus lifted Jesus from the cross and all the angels began to sing Hossana.

All the demons began to scream as they fell into the pits of hell. The cloth in the holy of holies tore from the middle. The sun sunk in the heavens and a darkness engulfed the earth. Lucifer lay writhing on the podium of black beelzebub and wept.

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