Maybe I should have Pursued a Modeling Career?

Last night I found some old photos of myself, from about 6 years ago and I asked myself. Why did I not pursue a modeling career? Looking at these pictures there was an effortless high fashion deportment. Technically I have everything it takes to kill this modeling thing. Personality. Check. Face. Check. Height. I am 1.74m tall, NBA certified. My legs go on forever my high school boyfriend nick named me flamingo. Although I thought that was bit out of taste. Ever seen a flamingo? I will leave it there.

*NB: These photos are from 2010 taken by a really crappy single pixel camera phone. From a PC they are awfully pixilated but mobile view is alright. 

I even had modeling agencies tripping themselves trying to sign me up with them. They saw the potential but I was simply not interested. My sister used to call me Tyra Banks, believe me I am not trying to gas myself up here. I could be Tyra’s stunt double. The long legs, thunder thighs and skinny ankles. The bum and boobage, we could be dopplegangers body wise. Instead I played league basketball for a couple of years. I started playing basketball since I was 10 years old. My body was built for this game and my heart was in it. Hey you should try modelling they said, you could kick ass. Yeah I am kicking ass on the basketball court. So last night got me thinking okay if I really got into this modelling thing I would have done a bang up mediocre job because that is not where my heart is. Or I would take it up but carry the baggage of unfulfillment.

On the basketball court I am king.Nothing else matters, its just me and the ring. I have played for my province, Zimbabwean team and league basketball because excelling was easy for me. I play from the heart and from the heart flows the rivers of life. Although now I just play street basketball, every time I step on that court I feel alive. 
I know a lot of people from college who have changed majors because they lack that sense of contentment. Getting by to get a degree that you don’t even enjoy is a miserable experience. 

Success is driven by passion. When you do the things you love you are guaranteed exceptional results. Let’s take my husband for example, he studied Environmental Health Science in college but he is excelling in the pool of Social Media and Digital marketing. He went on to study Digital Marketing and I have never seen the man so driven and happy. He would complete his assignments a month prior to deadlines and that’s all he talked about. He killed it with nothing but distinctions because this is his passion! 

Most people are stuck at a job that they completely hate, but they have to thug it out because thats what’s bringing the bread and cheese. You probably studied Law because it was your father’s dream, or some careers guidance expert convinced you that Psychology was the appropriate degree to pursue. But your heart isn’t in it. You spend four years in college or at a job going through the motions like a bot because you have to. That is a depressing existence.

All I am saying is pursue your passion.Do not study a degree because its marketable, do it because that’s what you are in love with! It’s never too late to go for what you enjoy and do best. I am not saying quit your job and start painting. You have to eat and bills need to be paid. Strategize and move towards the path of your heart’s desire. You can still get that Bachelor’s of Arts in Theatre, its never too late for anything. Life is too short to be stuck in a rut doing things that you absolutely hate. Maybe circumstances forced you to be where you are right now. But only you can make a turn around in your life and follow your heart.

So, maybe I should have pursued a modeling career? Nah.Not in this lifetime.


16 thoughts on “Maybe I should have Pursued a Modeling Career?

  1. V.J. says:

    You definitely have the looks, but basketball seems much more fulfilling. (I had a sister who was a model, so I know it from the inside.) I might add to your post that it is never too late to follow your passion. I dreamed of being a teacher, and life got in the way, so it took a few years to fulfill that dream, but eventually I was able to go back to school, and was certified to teach at 48!

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  2. 2oceansmeet says:

    I think it’s never too late to pursue a modeling career. You should still try, and I love your writing. Check out my blog if you’d like. It’s about modeling and traveling, and you’re welcome to ask me any questions, as I am a model.

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  3. jesstmxo says:

    Hey you got to do what your passionate about I’ve been over thinking too but if it ain’t meant to be that it ain’t! I Hope you can check out my page and give it a follow as I update all the new fashion trends and beauty tips! Hope you find my posts useful xxx

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