An Interview with Charles Mungoshi Jr.

So I had the humbling privilege to interview one of the most extraordinary writer and author I have ever known, Charles Mungoshi Jr. Nothing says versatile than this charming, witty and talented man. Sometime last year he graced my blog with an amazing guest post Man of Content I was blown away by his humility and easy going demeanour, not to mention his good looks! Sorry ladies he is a very taken married man. I enjoyed every second with Mr. Mungoshi and his personality shines like a beacon.

Charles Mungoshi Jr

Expressing myself in simplicity of class to sophisticate the human mind to be inquisitive about their stature. – Charles Mungoshi Jr


What made you want to become a writer?

 I can hardly say something pushed me. It is nature taking its course. I never really wanted to write but I found myself naturally writing.

We could say its genetic, seeing that you are the son of the greatest African writer in the world who has  made African literature a force to behold. The great Charles Mungoshi?

 Yes yes true – this is the way it is

Your latest publication ‘ Zimbabwe neMureza’ tell us more about it. Was it inspired?

I took over 6months on this short story – it came at this time where Zimbabwe is faced with a lot rising protestors against the government and I as an author wanted to speak out my mind on the matter

Where can we find it?

I have made it an online publication which I send to a reader via email after a dollar subscription on ecocash or buy it from amazon

How many books have you written? Have you written any other books that are not  published?

 I have 6 books published and 2 which I am still working on. MIRRORS ON STILL WATERS  is one of the two which I have been working on the past 8years

You’re also a motivational speaker. Is this what inspires your writing? To motivate and empower?

 I live to express myself on paper, speech and visual to motivate, inspire and drive anyone and everyone to breach the mentality of limits.

Let’s talk about your motivational and inspirational book ‘ Madhiri eCash’ We have seen your YouTube and Facebook videos aligned with this book. When did you become so witty, charming and good looking?
 Well the vision only gets clearer when you implement ideas to fulfill it. So with MaDhiri eCash I am reaching the local for the local to bring me the international audience. Look at Zimdancehall. They sang song with the colloquial style and it reached out to many until the Zimbabwean community in different nations started calling for them. So not to be an ordinary motivational and inspirational program where I speak above  people’s heads MaDhiri eCash speaks to the Zimbabwean in a language they understand for them to be motivated, inspired and activated for greatness

 I am also going to release a podcast for MaDhiri eCash in November which will be coupled with a few artists

I can’t wait for this podcast, it sounds interesting. Are you going to let us in on the artists that you will be working with?

 Well I decided to have motivationally inspired hiphop artists like Sharky, Gray, and other artists I’m still trying to put it together. It is going to be the first of its kind.

Impressive. So would you mind giving us a Madhiri eCash sign off righ now?

Sistran live ndeyekuti no one will ever fight for you to be relevant because munhu wese arikumhanyisa yake kuti ave relevant nekuti cash is attracted to relevance. Bag rinouya pamunhu ane dhiri saka wotoita kuti uve relevant chibhanzi chinokusvikira jahman.

Ndo MaDhiri eCash

So tell us about the initiative The Campaign Book Sale. What is it all about?

 The Campaign Book Sale is a mobile book shop that seeks to assist authors who have had their works contribute a lot in the nation including unheard authors in the nation who are facing challenges due to the economical situation. We run these campaigns for authors to raise funds for them.

What is your advice to authors on writing? Marketing?

 Writing should be an inborn thing – when you write you should communicate your emotion in the writings – truthfulness has sticking ability. People buy truth because it carries potency. Marketing is only effective when you believe in your works push it everywhere on the social media,Amazon ,book reviews etc.

I understand that you are launching a book “Falls for the Top”  in Capetown sometime in October. Please indulge us.

 Yes I am launching a book on the 28th of October, titled  FALLS FOR THE TOP which is a compilation of motivational and inspirational articles inspired from the struggles found in many scenarios of life. I chose Cape town to spread my wings in the Southern region

Can we assume that this is an open invitation to all your fans and readers? Me included?

 Everyone is open to come through – Capetown has a huge following that has been wanting me to have a program. And you can come too of course.

Are you a full time writer and motivational speaker or you also have a day job?

That’s one of the most difficult questions I find hard to answer. But I am a full time speaker and author – I am working with uplands gas as the organization’s marketing manager. And other entrepreneurial ventures such as The Game Arcade, farming and a bridal shop.

You’re a force to reckon Mr. Mungoshi, and in all this you are father to two sons and also a husband. How do you do it?

 Family is the grounding force in which greatness is birthed and fortified – I put family first, my wife and my boys inspire me to do what I do. Without them its all worthless.

I am in awe of you! You are a man to be emulated

Thank you, I am truly humbled to learn that people are inspired by me.

Who is the most famous person you have ever met?

 Gees I was born into a fame oriented family so I can’t really say who has much fame in the circles I have been in

Oh yes, being the son of Jesesi Mungoshi the famous actress from the movie ‘Neria’ who co-starred with Oliver Mtukudzi not to mention your father who is one of the greatest writers not just in Africa but in the world, Charles Mungoshi. Phew! How does that feel?

It is not so easy a thing to be born of stars in the making of art history in Zimbabwe. It feels good and also challenging

What is the toughest criticism given to you as an author?

I really don’t consider criticism as a negative thing because it helps me grow my writing thus I know not any criticism except someone ignorant who rants about me not writing as good as my father did

Way to go. What are your goals of  a certain number of words per week,when inspiration strikes?

 I honestly don’t have a time I check on the number of words but I write on the go. I can write a minimum of 10k words when I am really burning in a week

Pen, typewriter of computer?

 Pen and computer. There is my father’s typewriter which I used once or twice.

Thank you for the opportunity to have this interview with you! I am greatly humbled to be in your presence. Anything you would like to say to your readers and fans?

Mmm it is of great honour to be recognized by a young lady who runs one of the most read blog in Africa and the world over. I would like to say let’s keep writing together for the writings I write have no value if I don’t write them together with you.

Thank you

Powerful words and thank you so much!


The Campaign Book Sale:

Twitter: @charlesmungoshi

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