Keep The Toilet Seat Down!


Now I love surprises don’t get me wrong. I love to surprise people, I love receiving a surprise, I love watching someone else get a surprise BUT, having your bare bottom hit the toilet water in the middle of the night is NOT my idea of a fun little surprise.

Now some members of my family may have thought this was a fabulous surprise and I appreciate the time and thought that went into surprising me however I view this somewhere along the lines of torture. This surprise can get your heart rate to double instantly and your muscles tensed as you go from sleepy and.relaxed to startled and alarmed as you lash out for something anything to save yourself with. I grab the towel rack and I feel it slip away from my hand. Such a horrific moment.

I’m left holding Malik’s tiny socks or Hubby’s boxers, I’m still not sure. Sad and defeated sitting ass to porcelain his words ring hard in my ear…”why is it my job to put the seat down, why ain’t it your job to lift it up?” It’s at this moment that I realize why.

 I have figured out the.answer to that. It’s your job (period) because if it’s not then I am going to alter you so you will have to sit down when you pee like me. That’s why! Discussion over, surprise was fabulous thanks now no more.


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  1. Sheryl says:

    Gross. I agree, put it down. Not a problem here, we have pets we don’t want drinking from the toilets. So the seats are always put down.


  2. joymanda says:


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  3. I am registered blind but possess very limited vision enabling me to see the outlines of objects. What little sight I have vanishes in the dark. I well remember going to use a public toilet in China. It was an old-fashined toilet (basically a hole in the ground). There was no light in that rather smelly place and I regret to say that I literally stepped in the loo! Not an experience I have any desire to repeat …! Kevin

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    1. Makaitah says:

      Omg! I had almost a similar experience and the don’t have tissue paper in there but I tiny tal of water. The horror oh the horror! Bless you 😘

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