Smart Salmon Strips with Thai Basil Guacamole

When a fellow blogger dedicates an entire blog to you! I feel like a million dollars right now :). Enjoy this wonderful, informative and educational blog on the Salmon of wisdom. Its looks yummy but I just want to stare at it in my plate because the history is so rich! Richer than some of you lol. Enjoy!


This is a guest post for lovely and talented Makaitah of Makaitah Rogue. 

Who wants to be smart? To have all the knowledge in the world? Who doesn’t! Isn’t that why we go to school and spend years hitting the books? What if there was a way to gain all the knowledge in the world instantaneously? Well, according to an old Irish legend, there is! All you have to do is to eat a piece of salmon, even a tiny piece. Oh, don’t rush to your nearest store! It’s not any salmon; it’s a very special salmon, The Salmon of Wisdom.

Seven years Finneces had been on the Boyne, watching the salmon of Fec’s Pool; for it had been prophesied of him that he would eat the salmon of Fee, after which nothing would remain unknown to him. The salmon was found, and Demne was then ordered to cook it…

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