My WordPress Sabbatical


I spent 64 agonizing days incognito, under a rock without a single blog written or published. Lost in a sea of darkness unable to reach you all or translate my mind to words.

There was no avenue to present my thoughts. There was no-one to speak to, email, text, chat, poke, fax, Fed-Ex, telex, write a letter, tweet, telegram, buy a vowel, send flowers, breaker breaker good buddy, set loose a homing pigeon, throw a brick with a note attached to it, send a message in a bottle, swing a stick or any other form of communication known to civilization on this or any other planet.

I dealt with the excruciating trauma of two months without internet. The horror, terror, pain, short of telepathy, magic 8-ball, Ouija board, smoke signals, crystal ball, consulting the Oracle of Delphi, a burnt offering to the Internet gods or having them paged by the mother ship. I felt dead.

I understood the importance of the global monopoly of social media on humanity.I was of course, the author of my misfortune, the architect of my own demise, the fly in my ointment, the angry boil on my butt. Such a prominent blogger as myself, I was hoisted on my own petard in the most draconian manner. Exile. I can’t think of worse things in life my friends.

You have to know that this sabbatical was not my choice. In simple words, life got in the way. Rest assured that I am back. I missed you all! You have  no idea.

23 Replies to “My WordPress Sabbatical”

  1. Well…when you put it like that…I feel every pain,even though it was imaginary on my part. Welcome back to civilization.:-)


  2. I did not know you then, but I have the feeling I will enjoy getting to know you now… as long as your brilliant and deliberate use of almost every cliche known to the English speaking world ends here. LLLLLOL!

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