So let me make an obvious guess, you are here driven onwards by an aghast enthusiasm to learn the magic of keeping a man? I have a question for you: If a man is really yours why should one go out of their way to keep him? I admit, the title of this blog is indeed click bait, purely misleading for the purpose of luring the female species and to empower them from orbiting around men! There are gazillion articles out there trying to decipher the mystery of cheating men, how to get him to put a ring on that finger bla bla cripety crap crap. I have no time to waste writing about how to keep a man. I will not Steve Harvey or Dr. Phil you because some of you ladies need to realize that there is more to life than men! If you are meant to be, what God has put together no one can put asunder. If it doesn’t work out, so what? Pack them bags; pull your thong up, your titties back in the bra and on to the next. So I present to you *drum roll* 5 WAYS ON HOW TO BE THE BEST YOU.


Know your self worth.

This has a lot pulling on self-esteem. How do you value yourself? Allow me please. You are the light of the world and the best there ever was! Never let anyone tell you otherwise. I do not ask the mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all? Nope I tell the mirror I am the hottest shit that has ever walked on earth. Do not mistake this for conceit, arrogance or delusion. I am not apologetic about who I am because I know in all confidence that I am priceless. I do not need confirmation from anyone nor do I try to fish out compliments from people. I know. This is the type of confidence that I wish for every woman out there. This way you don’t sell yourself short, settle for less and act desperate.


Invest in yourself.

The best investment you can ever make for you is education. Advance in education by all means. First Degree is never enough, go for Masters and don’t stop there, proceed to Ph.D. Do two, three degrees, go on don’t be lazy a double major never hurt nobody. Learn Learn Learn. I am tired of being charged ridiculous amount of money by web designers so I have registered for a certificate in Web designing. This is a lifetime investment and I am going to charge others that ridiculous amount of mula too.

I urge you, do not buy second hand clothes! Get in a proper shop and spoil yourself with good quality clothes (they don’t have to be designer wear per se) Invest in a designer perfume, set standards and strive to maintain them. Say no to synthetic weaves, cheap ass products such as make up. Get the best for you! You deserve it after all you are queen.



Less Yada Yada, more Ching Ching.

A lady does not talk too much. Do not be a loud-mouthed cutthroat sailor. Resist gossip and don’t be sucked in senseless arguments that do not benefit you. A lady’s demeanor does all the talking for her. They way you walk, that confident strut, head high and shoulders high. Pursue that business idea; work towards that promotion, open a LinkedIn account and show case yourself on the world stage for opportunities. Be enterprising, set up a shop, design clothes, jewelry, start a TV Show, set up a stand at the flea market and hire someone to sell whatever miscellaneous you want. Be a hustle bunny (do not hustle on you back abeg) Start that company you have always dreamt of, believe in yourself and trust your high standards and excellence to take you far. Think global and forget local. Be a movement, a force and reign on the throne like the queen you are!


Practice Excellence.

Think excellence in everything you do. In EVERTHING. The way you talk, eat, dress and do your things. It starts from simple things like the way you make your bed or text. Txtn lyk dis? Stop it please. My sister is always accusing me of suffering from deep inbred OCD. Then I realized that its my standards of excellence. I cannot have a messy bedroom, or a dirty untidy kitchen. I just won’t have it. I always make sure my laundry basket is empty. At work, school, home and anywhere be meticulous, diligent and excellent. Be a cut from the rest. Let your light shine bright everywhere you go.


You only live once.

Let loose yo! Have fun, go out with a bunch of friends, be crazy and daring. Laugh a lot, seriously like look in the mirror and literally laugh out loud! Go out dancing, karaoke, binge drinking (if you must) bungee jumping, travel, read, blast your favorite tunes and party to Damascus! Most importantly surround yourself with positive energy. Be merry and enjoy life to its fullest


After all of the above you have no business chasing men and trying to keep them. Instead, they will be crossing oceans for you trying to keep you. All that noise about relationships and why men cheat, give it a break will you?? You are busy worried about why he would run with a connect the dots looking ass? Stop right there, forget assholes and think about the mula. A real king will come for his queen. Do you!

20 thoughts on “5 WAYS ON HOW TO KEEP A MAN

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  1. After I read this post days ago, I told myself; “I need to tell Makaitah she is a rogue.”

    I mean who does that?

    5 ways on how to keep a man turns to 5 ways on self development.

    I truly love this piece.
    Great job, darling Makaitah

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I read this and I AM SAVED! I have seen salvation! I’m just over here with hands in the air shouting out AMENS!! Ah! Yes! Yaaaaas!

    OK….on the comments now. Women need to understand that they do not need a man or any other person for the matter to validate them or to make them feel wholesome. I’ll be the first to admit I used to be that “I can’t live without him” kinda girl but after having a sit down with myself, I reiterated until I believed it that I was enough and that was good enough – now if anyone who doesn’t accept that strolls along, honey, they can go. I have the gift of good-bye and I have zero issues blessing people with it!

    I REALLY LOVED THIS Makaitah. I had to press it!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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