Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run


Looney tunes did it again and returned my beloved Bugs Bunny on the big screen! Bugs Bunny: Rabbits run was released on DVD on the 4th of August 2015. Animation guru Jeff Siergey and director of the movie incorporated my favourite Looney characters. It was a nostalgic path to some of my wonderful childhood memories. My old time favs featuring:

Daffy Duck –  a road ranger New York City cabbie

Yosemite Sam – the hilly billy on the quest to get rich or die trying!

Speedy Gonzales – Lola Bunny’s Mexican landlord.

Foghorn Leghorn – Military commanding chief.

Elmer Fudd – Secret Service agent.

Bugs Bunny – A New York City cab who’s road to destiny collides with Lola Bunny.

There other characters like Marvin the Martian, Mac and Tosh ( the gay couple) Giovanni Jones ( Lola’s boss) and Ceicil the turtle (Secret Service agent/ two timing traitor) detonated a blast of awesome supporting acts.


When my husband brought the DVD home for our son, I was as excited as a little brown puppy getting his favorite treat! This movie is about believing in your dreams no matter how far fetched they seem. Lola Bunny has a dream to create the most fabulous scent that would be famous world wide. Speedy brings her a rare flower that was sought after by the government. As a home made  mixologist of perfumes, Lola uses this flower as an ingredient and accidentally creates an invisibility concoction!

Enters Foghorn Leghorn and I am like yassss! My mind is ringing with ” Oh boy I say, I say…” Then he drops it like its hot ” Someone just got to the world’s most powerful weapon before we did , I say someone got to the world’s-” then Cecil the turtle cuts him short in his lackadaisical tone ” Okaaay, we heard it the first time” I am laughing at this point the ten year old me is out and i am grinning like an idiot waiting for Bugs to enter the scene, with ” Eh what’s up doc”  

Lola Bunny is a go getter but I can’t help noticing how dumb she is. She is absolutely air headed it’s not even funny. I know they were trying to derive some humour from it but it was MISS. Her little sing along in the beginning was awful and that automated voice was an epic fail. But Bugs Bunny swooped in as a New York cabbie, okay it was all starting to look up. He stops for Lola, wait for it, wait for it ‘ Eh what’s up doc?’I have that stupid grin plastered on my face.

I am sorry but Lola Bunny did not cut it for me. She insists on giving Bugs the directions to her place and they go round and round in circles. I don’t get this part was that supposed to be funny?? She talks way too much probably trying to drive home the bugging effect. Well it was annoying only Bugs knows how to deliver the bugging effect without annoyance. 

Watching the Looney tunes gang chase each other to Paris ( where Lola was taking her bomb fragrance) was fun, the nostalgia was real. Every time a Looney character was introduced I would scream and clap my hands like a retard. Enters Fudd *screams* enters Daffy *screams* enters Yosemite *screams* If you were born in the late 80s and spent  your childhood in the 90s you will totally get me. You kids of toady know nothing about animation. Looney tunes is the shit. What’s Looney tunes without Marvin the Martian? The squad gets zapped into space and Marvin is the villain but even the bad guy is funny too! I could not deal with his heavy spacey accent. It was hilarious!


I observed subtle hints of  homosexuality in the movie. Giovanni Jones a gay stereotype. His demeanour and dressing were a total sell out. Mac & Tosh Gopher a gay couple too. Their fondness towards each other and the couple squabbles were so evident (and they kinda over used the word ‘fabulous’).  This was new, Looney tunes never cared for sexuality. In the end Lola Bunny’s fragrance became famous. Bugs and Lola fell in love, this was unexpected because through out the movie there was no chemistry between these two. At all. It could be because they were in the city of love (Paris) the forces of romance gravitated them towards each other.

It was entertaining, funny and a great adventure movie for family movie nights. Besides, that is 1hr 10mins of free time for me since Malik can not take his eyes off the telly once you play it for him. That’s all folks!


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