LIOG…”Guurrrl I’m His Mistressđź’…”


You can call me old-fashioned or a lame but I just don’t understand why people cheat. I find it hard to accept the lifestyle that has been sweeping this generation, and that is the side piece role. This need to enter a hidden relationship with another person that is in a relationship. I don’t want to be judgmental to people that are content and accept this lifestyle but I just don’t know why anyone would choose to subject themselves to it.

Today, I went to lunch with a group of friends. And I use the word friends loosely as I’ve only hung out with them on a few social events. This specific meet-up, we had a very heated debate about infidels and adultery.A friend in the groupstated that she recently has beenin arelationship with a married man. Her confession took me by surprise as the first thing I asked was,

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