My 2016 Blogging Goals

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First things first, Happy New Year Everybody!! It’s the year 2016 and I predict an overload of awesomeness, as yours truly takes blogging to the next level. It is going to be one heck of a busy year for me, so I need to plan, commit and achieve!
The year 2015 my blog was dead, dead as a dodo, with a couple of tumble weeds, myriads of spider webs, maybe maggots? Yeah maggots, cakes upon cakes of dust and the whisperings of my old blogs. I had convinced myself with legit reasons for abandoning my blog, mainly because I had not time to actually sit and write and being a new mum. That’s right you read that right I am now a mum to another human being (yay me!). His name is Malik Chashe hitting six months tomorrow. Okay, also as an administrator to a maternity home I felt too busy to blog. In hindsight all those were just excuses, excuses not to blog, excuses for procrastination and excusing myself from glory and great things. Excuses, excuses, excuses. Not in this here 2016! I am focused and organized.

Malik Chashe Mangwende

Why did I even bother to set Blogging goals?

  • Goals gives you structure especially for a person like myself, were I have to juggle blogging with life, my job, Malik etcetera.
  • Goals help you to stay focused, ahead and keep you on track by giving you something to aim for.
  • Goals keep you accountable and motivated. Success is the best motivator. There is nothing as encouraging as accomplishing a goal. It simply feels good to win.
  • Goals keeps you in forward motion. Achieving goal by goal drives you while re-inspiring you to ignite that passion you had when you first started. Moving forward = growth

And I present to you my 2016 blogging goals. Here we go.

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out”
Consistency is the degree of viscosity of something. In this instance consistency in content quality and delivering it in a timely manner. I will adhere to scheduling my posts to publish at the same time every day. Yes I intend to blog everyday (so help me God) my aim is to publish 30 -40 blogs per month. This is serious, I am about to grow as blogger, writer and I intend to narrow down to a niche as we go. In my 4 years of blogging experience I have learnt that inconsistence publishing has a negative effect on returning visitors. So the timing of my publication should also be consistent. There are times when I feel like writing all night, I will take advantage of these times and schedule my posts without falling behind or so much as struggling.

Consistency is the key to a successful blog. Your audience will develop a trusting relationship with your blog, creating a wide and loyal readership. Also search engine bots will know when to crawl your blog and new content will quickly be indexed by search engine. Hocus pocus I have increased my search engine optimization by 100%!! So consistency is vital and it shall be done meticulously.
I know consistency does not happen overnight, it takes time, hard work and dedication. I am diligently putting my back into this because I know this is how my blog will stand out as truly excellent.

Quality Content
Dear audience of thine blog you are about to get thy brains splattered on the wall by some original and high quality content. How am I going to achieve this?

  • Useful and Informative: I am going to aim at posting content that is helpful, informative and useful. Constructive content that stands as a problem solver, inspiring and entertaining. My blog is mostly personal musings but as I mentioned earlier I plan to narrow down to a niche and avoid rantings. I am quite the queen of verbal diarrhea and its time I harness my frivolous vocabulary.
  • Engagement: This is going to be done by bringing color and life to my blog by adding fun and thought provoking images. I have committed to making original photos that I will personally shoot for all my posts. (My career as photographer begins???) I will make sure that I do not distract my audience with incorrect spellings, grammar, factual error and stylistic fonts. Then and then my greatest flaw as a blogger is my aloofness in NOT interacting with my audience. I usually post blogs, read the comment section, do my mental responses and go on about my business. This year 2016 I will engage with other bloggers and readers by interacting with them on regular updates, comment section and social media widgets!
  • More Valuable and Useful than other Blogs: I mean this in the most humble and non-spiteful way possible. I am going south with this blog. Jumping off the cliché bandwagon, abandoning complex jargon and making this blog a cut from the rest with a unique and unexpected perspective on issues. I am going to apply my crazy genius trademark.

Goodbye BlogSpot! Hello WordPress!
The moment that I discovered that Google owns Blogger including its content (My content) I was quite uncomfortable with this knowledge. Furthermore google runs this service and has the right to shut it down or my access to it at any time. I felt vulnerable to Googles Vulcan grip of tyranny. This is absolutely terrifying. I honestly don’t want to wake up one morning with 4 years of hard work gone, vanished like the freaking rapture. No thank you! I must admit Blogger is user friendly, reliable and fun to use, but the fact that I have no ownership of my own content is unsettling. That ship can gladly sail into a waterfall.
So, I am blogging for Bloggers Zimbabwe on their WordPress blog and I enjoyed the thousands of free and premium WordPress themes which were serious, classy, professional looking. Unlike the default limited templates that I was accustomed to on Blogger. These high quality themes on WordPress which can be customized to tailor suit your needs are absolutely awesome.
Most importantly WordPress offers way more SEO advantages, not to mention the very active community support systems, forums and IRC chatrooms. I will probably loose search engine rankings, subscribers and followers during the migration, but this is 2016, risks are being taken for the upwards and forwards movement.

Setting up Google Analytics and check Numbers Once a Week
I am not going to focus on statistics and get obsessed with numbers. That is somewhat distractive and sometimes disheartening if by any chances numbers plumage. Hence once a week is disciplinary enough to keep my finger on the pulse of my blog and also reveal opportunities for growth and new content.

Fully Develop Web Design
Finally by year end my blog should have its own domain as or dot zw then I can get the money flowing with affiliate marketing. Ka Ching!!
With these goals I know I can publish an e-book at the end of the year

  1. Develop myself as Brand and create opportunities
  2. Gain 5000 email subscribers
  3. Gain 2500 Facebook fans and twitter followers
  4. *drum roll* Monetize my blog!

 Fun Fact, the word blog/s was mentioned 20 times in this post. 2016 kutapira. Let’s go!

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  1. Colleen says:

    This spoke volumes to me. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. He is adorable! What a cutie-pie!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank him for being so cute!


  3. Thanks for sharing this – I am just reading way past the new year. Thank for sharing this, I have only been blogging since March 2016. I started deliberately slow – cause I just needed to test me , can I write . I stepped up in May to try and blog regularily to only then go to 3 days week. Then I moved to 5/6 days a week. Now since gaining a part time job – I am about 4 days a week.

    Love your point on consistency in timing – my times are all over the shot. So are my days.

    This post of your is going to be booked marked – cause this is so useful to me.
    Thanks for sharing. Regards Bella


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