#FeesMustFall Revolution in Tweets

Education should not be the reason that families go into debt. – @tendaijoe
No society wants you to become wise, it is the investment of all societies. – @KalabashMedia
If people are wise they cannot be exploited, if people are intelligent they cannot be subjugated. Education for all. – @KalabashMedia
The establishment will accede to the 0% demand, but the demand is for free quality education. Fees must fall. No surrender. No retreat. – @FloydShivambu
CorpsSA’s silence on #FeesMustFall is defeaning and should not go unnoticed. – @Mas1banda
This government fears those seeking an education. Knowledge is power, and power frightens the fearful and ignorant. – @singfromthehair
The struggle for free education is legitimate and rational. I fully support it. – @MayorOfTshwane
Born into privilege? Not your fault. If you let that privilege make you oblivious to the suffering of others that IS YOUR FAULT. – @singfromthehair
Fees must fall Dlamini: we all agree, these fees are too much. We must not point fingers but jus fix the problem. – @NickolausBuer
Education should not be a luxury! – @Miss_LIRA
Fees must fall Dlamini: The honeymoon of 1994 is over. That time when they told us we’re free is over. @NickolausBuer
Scores of students marching to ANC’s Luthuli House. Its time South African leaders listen to youth! – @UlrichjvV
Education should be free or at least affordable, NOT A DEBT SENTENCE!!! – @2tukani
Education should be a right not a privilege. – @DJZinhle
If you are not a student, support the students. If you are a politician, get off their bandwagon. – @GarethCliff
You can tell a nation’s future by the way it educates its children. Look at Germany, South Korea, and Japan. Africa must emulate. – @SureKamhunga
We all know who sold our parents dreams in 1994 and promised free education, that should be a target. – @Julius_S_Malema
Fees must fall is the most relevant movemement, not only for this generation but for future generations. – @BlackQueenLelo
They have stood. They have marched. You may not live their struggle or ever have the chance, but this is their story. – @ZimBlackRose
In solidarity fees must fall – big love to all those protesting in South Africa! – @writersofcolour
Black American twitter IS united with us through #feesmustfall as we are with them through their crises. Black solidarity is international. – @beeyroyve
If we can justify Nkandla, we can find a way to avoid fee increases. That’s right. I said it. – @khayadlanga
I marched and marched until I was tired and my heart was full. – @simpiwedena
Choose your side: Parliament and the politicians or the students and the people. The focus is shifting. – @GarethCliff
Disgrace. While fees must fall student protestors face stun grenades from police outside Parliament, politicians make bad speeches inside. – @AficasaCountry
The students were extremely disciplined and listened to their leaders. The students are not hooligans. – @simphiwedana
Free education was promised, you have had 20 years. – @DuncanToGo
Youth is not wasted on this youth. We are all inspired by your audacity and unity across cities – @inaturelle
If your pocket is higher than your domestic salary, don’t come here with ‘ don’t these people understand inflation’ – @Nick_Hamman
When education is available to all without a price tag, there will be no limit to the human potential – @UlrichJvv
The narrative that SA students are lazy and violent doesn’t hold, the same tactics are used all over the world by students. – @BenjaminFogel


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