Man of Content

GUEST BLOG: Charles Mungoshi Jr.

Growing up I took education for granted. I would say school is a place where parents dump their children to grow up amongst others. It was never important to me. Having an old man stand in front of me all day teaching me three quarters of things I never experienced outside school gates. It was a waste of my time, I thought. I had no idea that it was designed for me to have intellectual potency, to stretch my brain for creativity, to make me efficient and increase my reasoning. Content is substantial material with value, or metamorphic substance. This is what schooling does. It builds substance in you. You may have missed an opportunity to go to school but that is not the end of you. Ask yourself this question, where will you be in the next three years? Have a picture of where you want to be. Realize your wildest dreams by gathering necessary information towards the fulfillment of the dreams.

This world is a playground of thinkers. Therefore you ought to engage your mind in activities that enhance your mind to think and stretch. You can do quiz games, play chess and even solve puzzles. This will make you efficient but you need to go further by reading, listening and watching stuff that builds you. The information you expose or endorse yourself to will shape your character. Remember it’s not just any type of information that ministers a prosperous mentality. You can only display or portray what you have in you. You cannot give what you don’t have. There is one thing very important, that requires a payment not in monetary value, which is attention. When you purchase attention, you will get quality information to make something of yourself. Knowledge is information you can use to your advantage for advancement in life.

A man of content is bold and confident in his approach towards anything in line with his expertise. There is relevant and irrelevant content. Okay for example, a grade seven student who is reading and studying O’ level material – this is an advanced level of education but it will not lead him anywhere rather it will shatter his reasoning abilities because his mind cannot fathom. It is important that you understand everything you read or take in. It makes no sense to gain information you can’t use to improve the quality of your life. You know what you want, you know where you are going – it’s not magic, it’s being purposeful and focused. When you know that you carry explosive information in you – you are mindful of your contact and dealings. I always say you have nothing to say until you say it. Therefore make sure you are saturated with the right information to make you an asset in life. If you have a negative background the only way you can change it is absorbing positive information. Positivity results in productivity.

What you carry in you pushes you to do as it is, whether conscious or unconscious. The subconscious mind has recording ability – and is forceful in a silent manner. A man who has content has judgment based on knowledge, based on what he knows. When you lack content you can hardly strike a conversation of importance or influence. Work on being and not on having – with who you are you will have. When you have substance you seize to wait on rising opportunities, you mechanize environments that promote opportunities for yourself. Be relevant in your generation learn things fast – move with the times. Stay abreast of the facts. Human beings evolve and mature by feeding on information and learning new things. Be a man who is willing to improve daily. Don’t discriminate the source of knowledge – like when a poor man is speaking and you reject his wisdom because of his outward state. It is important to be able to discern important info and useless info. Remember the sign post to Mutare has never been or reached there. Some people are simply sign post to lead you to your destiny, so do not lay

judgment on men based on the outward appearance. Learn to build content that materializes to greatness. There is a knowledge that has no effect even when applied in life. Have progressive substance to move you from point A to B. A car travels on petrol – so does a human being. We need to be travelers in the realm of knowledge.

When Batman shows up, the solution shows up with him. This fictitious cartoon character carries substantial material for solving criminal issues. When you have content you are noticed. Influence is attained by knowing your value. What you know increases your value in any sector or industry. When you know how to do what to do you become important in your industry. This world is now fast and people hardly have time to train someone to be the exact person they need to hire – but when you have material, you are considered to be a workable vessel. 

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