Letters to my Unborn Child – Romeo debut

It was the beginning of two fates whose paths intertwined in a chase of hot fiery pulses. The longing of souls and the fulfillment of prophecy. The gravitational pull of destiny. The little flame that resulted in chain combustion of eternal love. Simple and yet the creator of everything living and good. It was force driven onward by the very essence of humanity. It was Kay.
We began to see each other every day after work, we were cocaine to each other and we were tripping on a major over dose of it. Seeing each other meant hanging in a certain sports bar, hold hands stare at each other, play pool, laugh like psychotics and share intimate stories. The highlight of it all was the passionate making out under the stairway at the exit point of the bar. It was magic. During weekends we did adventurous feats which on one occasion comprised of us as grown up adults going to Greenwood Park (an amusement park for children under years) We got on boat rides and train rides laughing the entire time. Waited for the train to go over the bridge so we could share a rather bumpy and clumsy kiss. We were two peas in a pod.
This man a pure breed of a sensational romantic. One weekend he took me at the roof top of the NSSA building, looking over the beautiful Harare Gardens and the rest of the northern side of the city. He had set up a little picnic that got my chest tight with emotion. There was chicken slice chips, chicken and a bottle of sweet red wine. (We had to drink the wine straight from the bottle) It was wasn’t cuisine caviar or a 80s pignot but it was overwhelmingly beautiful. At the back of my mind I thought gosh, this is too good to be true! Me being the over thinking paranoid sadist I found myself blurting the stupidest horse crap ever. I was like to him, I don’t want this to end with a tragedy and carry bad memories about this. The broken winged bird was talking. I heard myself talking about how we should end it and keep it as an untainted memory, a sweet memory I said. Human beings, mammals that cannot comprehend when a good thing walks-in through a closed door. He grabbed me by my shoulders and I will never forget these words. You stupid woman, I am hopelessly in love with you and am not letting you go. I want this forever and I am so going to wife you. My soul mate.
Trials and Tribulations.
I was in church when I received a message. You man snatching bitch, guess who is back together with Kay, me. He has been begging me to take him back and we just had our makeup fire sex (fiancé female).I felt my heart fall into my stomach and the most ridiculous thing of it all is I believed her! I wanted to cry, I left church and went straight to his place fuming like a pit bull. The devils theatrics. I wasn’t even thinking, in my mind I saw myself bursting into his place and finding him in bed with her. Foolish. I got there and found him lounging with his neighbor. I stood there like an idiot. The moment his neighbor left I jumped into his arms and started crying. I showed him the message and he laughed. It was so contagious I started laughing too. We lay there in each other’s arms listening to Sade. It was perfect.
Raging Barbie went in head on into a feud with a twimbo, it was intense that I took it to the next level. Screen shot. That’s stupid but I did it anyway. The ultimate blow over, this twimbo retaliated by posting a nude pic of me, coming out of a pool. The horror. I didn’t care much for the nude, who doesn’t skinny dip and take pictures? Just me? K. I was worried about Kay, I kicked myself. I really messed up. I got a call from him, he sounded off, and in a commanding tone he told me to come to his work place immediately. I got there and I was shocked when he took me in long tight bear hug. I was confused, he looked me into my eyes and asked me; are you ok? Yeah I was fine, but the question was; are we ok? We were more than ok, we were good. The only thing that bummed him was the fact that I still had those messages in my phone. To the amazement of the rest of the twimbos he took me under his wing and told them to FUCK off.  Hahaha, some went in, telling him that he was stupid, he was in love with a whore blab la bla. This put more fire in our relationship, we became stronger than ever. His closing tweet was a fatality, By the way, my girlfriend has one hell of a body and gorgeous boobs. Thank you Lord.
He started insisting on meeting my tete and my mum. I thought he was moving fast, I mean we had been dating for only four months, amazing four months. The man was clear on his intentions and was not wasting time. He met my tete, and they arranged to meet my mum. It didn’t take long and he was sitting in my lounge, deep conversating with my mum. I was in awe of his focus and determination. I loved it, gosh I loved him. My mum fell in love with him, he told her beyond reasonable doubt that end of year he was coming with he goats and she goats. Then the following year he wanted a white wedding. Everything was perfect.
On one of the occasions I was at his house, he left his phone on the bed and went to shower. I rarely do this but that day I went through his phone. The man was simultaneously flirting with three females. I was gobsmacked and mainly disappointed. In my head I had fed myself with a fairy tales, but that part of me that went through his phone was the only thrift of reality that I had. He came back from his shower and found me packing my things. I did not give him a chance to explain. I broke up with him and went home in near tears. The following two weeks were hell. I missed him so much and my family was so fond of him begged me to forgive him. I was so wrapped up in my bubble to revere any logic or reason. He came to my house and I wouldn’t see him. He tried calling me and I wouldn’t pick. He called me out on twitter and I blocked him. Then he fell silent.
For a week he was silent. He even stopped tweeting about me. I knew it was over. One Saturday morning, jumped out of the house to buy some airtime and I bumped into him by my gate. He forced a hug and held me in a crazy Vulcan grip, whispering in my ear, I am not letting you go. The walls jus melted away and we indulged in beautiful kiss. His apology was long and rehearsed. He promised to be true, wore his heart on his sleeve until I begged him to stop. Human beings, we are never perfect.

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