Essential Tip Ladies

Here is a tip ladies: when a man calls you “beautiful” (or sexy or whatever compliment), just say thank you. Don’t reply with caveats like “…but I have this crooked tooth” or “…but my ass is flat”. Just take the compliment gracefully, bitches! If he decided to open his damn mouth in the first place, it’s because he just thinks, “wow, this woman is beautiful” – it’s not because he thinks you’re beautiful despite your crooked tooth. They’re not that fucking complicated – if that’s what he meant, he would have said, “Sheesh, you have a fucked up tooth, but you’re still kinda pretty.”

See, if men are struck enough by you to use the big words like “beautiful”, then that’s what they mean. Don’t belittle yourself or them by reducing their comment down – or telling them what they meant – they hate that shit. Show as much appreciation for them noticing as they did for you. And be confident that you’re as beautiful as they think. Men love confidence. (Um, confidence does not equal conceit – know the difference, ladies.) Women are the only ones who attach qualifiers to compliments. Men prefer to say what they mean – let them. (P.S. It’s different if he’s trying to get in your pants, of course. You know what I’m talking about here, let’s not start the man bashing, okay? okay.)


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