Eeeeew! Fore-skin!

So I was watching a (typically venomous & mostly ignorant) FB debate over circumcised vs uncircumcised penises. I just have a couple of comments, and don’t really want to “go there”myself. I just have shit to say:
First, I’ve been with both. I was nervous the first time with an uncut man, but ONLY because I’d never actually handled foreskin before and I just didn’t want to hurt him. I wasn’t grossed out. It didn’t smell. These are comments I saw on that thread – women were referring to the natural male body as gross and disgusting! That disgusted me.

There is nothing disgusting about the male form. It’s only when a man doesn’t respect himself enough to care for his mind & body that he’s no longer beautiful – it has nothing to do with the way he’s born. I have no comment on the circumcision debate, and I don’t think it’s appropriate here – don’t go there as far as what to do with your kid. I just want to encourage women to understand that there is nothing “scary” or “gross” about foreskin (unless a man is unclean – different story).

Second, ladies… Realize something: you want your man to go down on you? Really?
Oh, really? Because your clitoris is just a tiny, uncircumcised penis. (Sorry guys, don’t freak out on me. It doesn’t shoot sperm, this doesn’t make you gay – she’s a
woman, calm the fuck down.) Structurally speaking the sex organs had the ability to become either male or female. Heh). Yes, your man licks & sucks your foreskin, so get over your “ick” moment, and suck his uncut
cock. Don’t forget the balls. (P.S. Guys: this does not mean I’m going to start killing spiders. Not a chance of a snow ball in hell.)


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