Kissed by a Rose

A few days ago one of my closest friend passed away. She was my downass, my ride or die, my main squeeze and i was grieved to a point that i kept dialling her number hoping she might just answer the phone. I can still hear her gleeful laughter. She is a perfect protege of  of “live fast, die young” We spent the whole of december screaming YOLO. And here i am kissing a tombstone
Yes, she lived fast, died young and left a damn gorgeous corpse behind. Life for her ended before it even began. Fun is ok but it becomes hades if you die by it. I want to wake up inthe morning my face plastered with a grin reminiscing on last night’s endeavors. I dont want to die now. I didnt want her to die. Death, are you fuckin kiddin me?

I mean we had plans, going to  Beira for the December holidays was one of them, before death showed up. Creeping behind us like the sneaky asshole that he is. Now who am i going to Beira with? Who is going to paint my toes? Who am i going to tell my dirty little secrets?

All i am left with are memories…memories so fresh in my mind that i can feel her here. Watching her coffin descending inthe grave was the most heart breaking moment of my life. Perpetual grief disintergrated my heart into beef bits. That was my closure, the final reality that she was truly gone.

Death is the devils advocate, reaping precious lives from the world. No its not part of life and i refuse to accept that. Next time you come on my door step you have another thing coming u triflin sinister piece of shit. Death will not touch the people i love again. You have no part in my life, there is no room for. WE SHALL LIVE AND NOT DIE, BECAUSE GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN US THAN death. May the glory of the Lord be with you chomee. Dead but alive in my heart. RIP.

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