Eli Mukundi Mungoshi

The world waited in an unconscious trance for an unknown soul. A soul that would add colour to the black and white thrifts of life. While the celestial hosts celebrated to this apparent knowledge, we remained under the cloak of ignorance. The imminent awe and glory of God is pulsating at work in intricate ways beyond human comprehension.

Human beings scurrying and bustling in formidable monotony of the basic and yet so precious life. Eli Mukundi Mungoshi rests on God’s bosom, surrounded by purity and majestic sphere of omnipotence.It is in the fire of two beings in copulation that Eli shall render Her presence. She brings life to be, she sustains life and she is a mere speck of creation. Earth. Drawn into joy unspeakable in the union of paternal activity, unaware, unfathomable Eli Mukundi Mungoshi is no longer a celestial being but a heart beat. Learning a rhythm that only life can survive on. A rhythm  that releases a tantric sort of existence.A rhythm that i dance to in slow seductive motion. A forth coming show case of the glory of the Lord and His awesomeness.

Like He hovered upon the face of the deep in the beginning, he hovers upon this blossoming seed of life, as a flesh is made into being, cell by cell, veins and arteries running in tantalizing paths like little highways of destination.Swimming inside with nothing but maternal blessings.I can hear the drum beat, my heart is racing, adrenalin is on an overdose…the drums getting louder. I look down and notice my foot tapping away to the rhythm. I look at her face contorted in agony. Hopeless i wait, indefinite in a timeless era where time is frozen, i can not hear the tick tock no-more.

The drum beat is louder than before, the angels flying above dancing  and singing. I want to join them but her pain of labor contractions overwhelms my joy. Standing inthe delivery room, i watched as Eli came out, his lil head, the pink buttocks and the tiny feet. Tears, tears blurring, tears stinging, tears of utter happiness.’ Eli is here!!’ i could hear her screaming so distant but an arms length away….As sharp cold pangs of oxygen hit the fragile lungs the little cry at the crack of dawn echoed inthe streets.Yes Eli is here.

Eli Mukundi Mungoshi

Eli Mukundi Mungoshi born on 26 May 2013 at 04:55hrs. I love u so much my son, i will not call u nephew because am good as your mother. My first born, my true love. Welcome. I love you,

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